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I just published a new e-book for black children!




It stars a ten year old girl named Samoya. She gets unfortunate news and must learn how to persevere through struggle and heartache…all with the help of her magical Teddy. Black children’s books were not a “hot item” when I was growing up. In fact, all the books I’ve read and had access to were from white females for white females. Remember this ladies?

When I became conscious of how these images hurt our children, I decided to take a stance and aspired to write books for our black family. I’ve been dreaming since childhood about publishing my own novel. Writing is my passion and it has always helped me to purge and understand this crazy life we’re in. In this novel, Samoya, finds herself heartbroken with “real-life” news and she must face adversity and learn the power…

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  1. I will get my copy downloaded on my laptop. I wll definetly support our sister. When are you going to write yours Prince? I’ll buy one I know you’ve got lots of great ideas.

    • I’m going to buy one for my little cousin. Her birthday is next month. Thanks for the kind words,Mary. I’ve had family and friends tell me I should write one. I’ve just been so busy with work and life in general,I haven’t had time. I have so many ideas in my head,I don’t know where to But I definitely want to write one. And I will when time permits.Thanks again.

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