White Supremacy causes confusion(This video proves it)

This is a stand up routine by W. Kamau Bell. I find his “comedy” very disturbing. This shows that he doesn’t know how racism/white supremacy truly works. I’ve noticed many people in interracial couples are very confused. They don’t have a deeper understanding of race relations. Some really think that interracial dating/marriage makes the world less racist. When in reality it does no such thing. Not to mention,Bell isn’t even that funny in this routine. But you can judge for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

7 thoughts on “White Supremacy causes confusion(This video proves it)

  1. I saw that before on YouTube and clicked away. Black folks better get hip to it. We are at war. You’d think 500 years of white dominion would teach us to stay away from these monsters.

    Some of us that were confused got wise. Many of us are happily and willfully ignorant.

    • He brags about wanting to make “little Obama’s” with his white wife. is he serious?? It’s really hard to watch. I can’t believe this passes for comedy nowadays. You’re right,we get hip real quick. The ones stuck on ignorance can step to the side. We don’t have time for silly games and laughs. Mr Bell is a complete ignorant moron in my opinion.

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  3. I could’nt finish the video. I was waiting for the funny. I just don’t get these guys. And I like a good laugh. It is my observation that the few people i’ve know in interracial pairings are kind of clueless about race relations period. And they don’t teach their children about their heritage. I tried to teach my best friend’s daughter about racial pride and knowing her roots and my friend and her husband were angry with me. So I stopped. That is going to be one confused child when reality hits her. It kind of makes me angry. Why don’t you want her to learn about the black side of her heritage? Just pisses me off.

    • Yeah it’s a hard clip to watch. This guy is seriously brain damaged.lol Hard to believe this passes fro comedy.Is your friend a black woman married to a white man? I’ve noticed many are kind of clueless. They have this rose-colored kind of perception when it comes to racism. They don’t know how off base they are.

  4. Actually, my friend is white married to a black man. I love both dearly. But her daughter is going to be confused. She wouldn’t let the child watch televison unless it was something educational which i agree on, But the film Akila and the Bee is a wonderful film for youngsters. She didn’t want her to watch “That’s So Raven. But Highschool Musical was all they talked about because of the young man that’s birracial. I wanted her to see the young ballerina Michala DePrince since she is studying dance. Prince please do a post on this amazing young woman. I am so proud of this young lady. Her story is amazing. Anyhow I wanted my little goddaughter to see this amazing young woman. I don’t know why I get the crickets chirpping when i mention this to her. I just want her to know there are other people in the world besides birracial people. Her maternal grandparents are very bigoted. I’m trying to understand this madness. God help her when someone calls her the N word.

    • Yes I’ve heard of Michala DePrince. She has a very amazing back story. I think she’s from Africa. I hope your friend’s daughter turns out okay. Although it will be a uphill battle with bigoted grandparents. But she will struggle to find her identity as with all biracial people. Hopefully she’ll be okay.

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