What type of people make fun of their own Holocaust?

This clip is from the Key & Peele Show. They’re making fun of our ancestors being sold like cattle. This is supposed to be funny? It’s an insult to the holocaust our people went through. Our people were lynched,raped and murdered! This is highly offensive in my opinion. It’s a shame we have brothers and sisters who want to make it so bad in Hollywood–they’ll do almost anything.Could you imagine some Jewish comedians making fun of their holocaust? I seriously doubt it. They know the power of images and would never let their people make light of such a tragedy. What are your thoughts? Do you find any of this humorous?

14 thoughts on “What type of people make fun of their own Holocaust?

  1. I have to agree with you! That would never happen in other communities. While it may be funny to some folks, it truly is disrespectful to our ancestors who were subjected to this. Additionally, when you put something like that out to the masses, everyone doesn’t have the same level of understanding to be able to distinguish what is comedy and what actually happened.

    • You’re so right Coco. We have to have more integrity not to sell our people out so easily. This was highly disrespectful to what our ancestors endured. These two buffoons should be ashamed of themselves.

      • I agree! With comedy, it can be harder to determine where the boundaries are; however, I’m sure they knew that this one went too far. But when you have executive producers who lack certain cultural competencies, then things like that happen. 😦

      • That’s true. I don’t expect the executive producer’s to care very much. They’re just going by their own negative stereotypes they believe to be true. But it’s a problem when you have our own people willing to play these horrible roles. These are not the images we want our youth looking up to. We have to have some backbone to say no to these type of roles.

  2. Yeah Prince, I found this to be odd. I don’t get these guys humor. A friend of mine was trying to tell me how funny these guys were, I just thought maybe I just was’nt sophisticated or evolved enough to understand why this was funny. On one of the black radio stations they were interviewing these guys and everyone was laughing and yucking it up. I still thought this is something that was ugly in our history here in this country and these mofos are just joking and laughing. I don’t get it.

    • These two clowns are full of self hatred. And will do anything for a buck. They have no pride. They’re both biracial also. I wonder if that has anything to do with their willingness to poke fun at slavery. These two are sad pitiful individuals.

  3. I think Dave Chappelle got a revelation and saw the white folks were laughing just too damn hard. That is a sign that the brother needed to rethink what was happening. It was at the expensense of black people. He turned down all that money and walked away I guess because he saw he was hurting his people. To this day whites don’t understand what happened. Or they just don’t understand our pain. And why the brother just up and walked away from a promising future in Hollywood.

    • Dave was getting really stressed out. I think he was going to SNAP if he didn’t leave that show. he realized they were laughing AT him not WITH him. He went to Africa to clear his mind. Can you blame him?

  4. Quentin Tarrentino is coming out with D’Jango Unchained. I hope black people boycott this crap. And it’s coming out on Christmas Day. SMH.

    • I’ve seen that trailer. I know it will be horrible. We shouldn’t waste our money on this trash.We have to speak with our wallets.

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