Quilombo- Afro-Brazilian Film(1984)

Quilombo de Palmares was a real-life democratic society, created in Brazil in the 17th century. This incredibly elaborate (and surprisingly little-known) film traces the origins of Quilombo, which began as a community of freed slaves. The colony becomes a safe harbor for other outcasts of the world, including Indians and Jews. Ganga Zumba (Toni Tornado) becomes president of Quilombo, the first freely elected leader in the Western Hemisphere. Naturally, the ruling Portuguese want to subjugate Zumba and his followers, but the Quilombians are ready for their would-be oppressors. The end of this Brave New World is not pleasant, but the followers of Zumba and his ideals take to the hills, where they honor his memory to this day. Writer/director Carlos Diegues takes every available opportunity to compare the rise and fall of Quilombo with the state of affairs in modern-day Brazil. Still, the film is refreshingly free of self-righteous oratory, and serves as an excellent introduction to anyone intrigued by the political history of South America.

5 thoughts on “Quilombo- Afro-Brazilian Film(1984)

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    • Thanks. When you get a chance try to rent this film. If you don’t mind reading subtitles. It’s very educational. Even though I have 44 followers on WordPress,I actually have about 148 followers on Twitter. And they all see every new post I put up. So I’m doing my best to get the word out. But thanks for the compliment. I do my best to educate people with films,video clips and books they may not have seen.

  2. Prince, that was excellent, I still feel there is prejudice in South America were black people are concerned. They don’t acknowledge their African roots. I noticed this among Puerto Ricans and Cubans. I think this is very sad.

    • I’ve notice this too. Although I have met Cubans and Puerto Ricans that did embrace their African side. It kind of depends on the person. But it’s difficult for many of them because the culture is so anti-black. But this is a great film. Try to rent it if you can.

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