Is this how Black People are seen on Mexican TV shows?

I always thought blacks and browns went through the same struggles because of racism. I guess that’s partly true. However,as I get older I’ve met Mexicans who had a lot of hatred for black people. Just like black people,they seem to have a colorism issue in their community as well.I wish we could find some type of solidarity with our brown brothers and sisters. But that’s going to be very difficult when they have television shows in Mexico that insult and degrade black people. Little Mexican children watch these shows–I wonder what image of black people they have after watching this garbage. Hmmmmmm…what do you think?

17 thoughts on “Is this how Black People are seen on Mexican TV shows?

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  2. That is a modern day minstrel show. Mexicans are trying to assimilate with white society. I heard african americans and mexicans were enemies. Well that’s just sad.\

  3. In Los Angeles I heard African Americans and Mexicans are enemies. That ‘a a shame because we are all in this struggle together. Latinos need to understand white people don’t really love them either.

    • I live in California so I know there is some tension. But I grew up around Mexicans my whole life. I’ve had a few negative incidents with them in high school. But I’ve had Mexican co workers that were really cool with me. I have two Mexicans that I work with now and I never had any problems with them. We have a lot in common so I don’t understand why we have to have hatred towards each other.

  4. Prince:

    Dark skin period is seen as bad. Thanks to white supremacy, Mexicans and other Latin folks think that they are “better” than black.

    What we as Africans need to do is f*ck everyone else and focus on us alone!

    • Believe me I hear you. We are both victims of white supremacy but it’s sad many Mexicans can’t see that. Some of them cross the border to Amerikkka—and immediately think they’re better than black people. I just don’t understand it. I guess they see it as a way to move up the social ladder by stepping on us.

    • Hmmmm……that’s a good question. I know that many Mexicans,Cubans,Filipinos,Koreans,Chinese and Japanese are ALL effected by white supremacy. Many consider us ugly because they get their beauty standards from whites. That’s why we get disrespected from other people of color. I think if all white people were gone tomorrow,we would still have anti-blackness. Anti-blackness wont disappear after hundreds of years of brainwashing. We would still probably have to fight against other groups at some point. I would hope that we could find some common ground and create a system of justice. But it would be a little difficult because some people would not trust other groups. But I do know is that the system we have now is NOT working for the masses of people. Something has to change.

  5. Lmao I know this is an old post but you guys have it all wrong I’m mexican I know that show & i know who that black man is he is a very famous Afro-Mexican singer known everywhere in Latin America. You guys are being to sensitive by you guys I mean blacks, brown, whites and any one else lol. Sure there is racism in Mexico just like anywhere else. However we Mexicans say things how they are you know? If you’re black they’ll call you black cause guess what, you! Are black! Lol samething if you’re brown or white BUT let me make this clear it’s not in a racist way!!! obviously there are ways to make it racist though. You see in Mexico people are less sensitive & our humor can seem very dark at times. They say that Mexicans eve laugh at death. We even make fun of ourselves but make fun of us & that’s a whole big mistake lol.

    • Are you blind?? Stop making excuses for this racist crap! This is bigoted to the core! A lot of you Mexicans have the same behavior patterns as your white oppressors. Don’t come on my blog with this type of foolishness. It wont be tolerated.

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