Walter Williams- Are You a Citizen?

This is a great interview with author Walter Williams. This interview takes place back in the 1990’s. He brings up some very interesting questions about whether or not black people are really citizens in the Unites States.

Homosexual War on Black Children

This is a very shocking video by Irritated Genie. I thought the U.N. was supposed to helping other nations. This poor Haitian boy was raped by these sick men! How come this type of thing isn’t more well known? What do you think when you see a video like this? Does it make you angry? It should.

This is very educational!

The Black Code Files

What is (Real) Power in a White Supremacy System?

With the upcoming election and the FALSE APPEARANCE of BLACK POWER and PROGRESS, it’s important to re-examine what (REAL) POWER is and how it functions within a white supremacy system.

For example, many black people believe President Obama has (REAL) POWER because he has a powerful title as the President of the United States, when in FACT, the most powerful people are the people who SELECTED President Obama as a presidential candidate.

In my previous two posts: “Definitions Workshop #4:  Is the United States a “Class” society or a “Caste” Society?”  AND  “When Caste VS Class Collides: A Follow-Up to the Definitions Workshop #4” I demonstrated (to the best of my ability) that the people who belong to the HIGHEST CASTE (white) always have more POWER than the people who belong to the LOWEST CASTE (non-white), regardless of title, class, income…

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