10 thoughts on “Makalesi explains Genetically Modified Organisms and Monsanto

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    • We’re the new lab rats. And they usually do this testing on people of color first. Although as a whole,they’re doing it to white people as well. Most folks don’t know what the hell they’re eating.

      • Dr. Afrika explains that these chemicals only react to melanin, which is why they test it on white rats first, then use coloured rats to test the real results on us.

      • We have more melanin in us than they do. That’s why drugs like crack effect us more. And the same goes for these chemicals in these “foods” they give us. It gets in our bloodstream and gives us cancer among other things. Dr Afrika really knows what he’s talking about.

  2. GMOs are pretty scary! And they are in everything. I have started the journey of trying to eat healthier and it is harder to find affordable organic food. We have a couple of farmers markets that have popped up in my area which that are trying to alleviate this issue, but it is so rampant.

    • Yeah they’re putting all types of chemicals in our food. Do whatever you can to eat healthier. Be sure to do research on healthy eating. Don’t trust the FDA to tell you what’s okay to eat. By the way,thanks for dropping by my blog. As you can tell I have a lot of subjects on my blog. I have an opinion on just about everything.lol

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