Amos Wilson explains the cause of Self Hatred

The late great Amos Wilson explains in great detail the cause of self hatred. This is a great lecture! Great minds like this are sorely missed.

9 thoughts on “Amos Wilson explains the cause of Self Hatred

  1. This is a very god lecture it explains why there is so much dysfunction in the black community. It is very important to love one’s self first. That’s why we have such a huge disconnect between black men and women, and each other. Some of us will continue to be damaged and never healed. It is very tragic and the sickness will continue, unless someone gets a revelation to break the curse that keeps us enslaved in poverty and ignorance and hatred of ourselves and each other. Thank You Brother I appreciate all that you do.

    • Thanks sis. I really appreciate the kind words. I met author Runoko Rashidi last night. I sat and had lunch with him. He told me we all have to do our part to uplift our people. No matter how big or small. That’s all I’m trying t do. Just at least awaken some of our people. So many are lost.

  2. The system that doesn’t provided assistance for people to help them get back on their feet is also to blame as well. If a man can’t feed and take care of his family this can also lead to self hate issues as well. there are a myrid of reasons why the black community is in the disaray that it’s in.

  3. So we are living under a system that would rather spend it’s money putting black men in prison instead of investing the funds in the school system to educate the black youth in this country. That tell me this is done on purpose to keep us down and out. Therefore we can’t be productive citizens in society. This tells me we are living in a racist system that’s out to destroy us.

    • You’re right. We live in a hostile environment yet white people claim we’re living in a “post-racial” country. lol What a joke! We’re not meant to survive and be productive citizens. The whole system is against us. They build more prisons every year rather than colleges. That should tell you something.

  4. Prince:

    Thanks for the great videos. Dr. Wilson is a great lecturer. The reason why we will win this war is because of people like you who are demanding change and willing to uplift the community.

    There is a growing movement of conscious blacks who know that there is a game being played here.

    Thanks for the education.

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