Prison is the New Slavery

This is a very powerful video. It shows without a doubt that the prison system is the new slavery. The facts are hard to refute.

8 thoughts on “Prison is the New Slavery

  1. Great video. Prisons are nothing but modern day plantations. White people never talk about these skanky, rotten teeth hulledout methamphedemine users. When it’s about them then it’s an epidemic. They never tell the whole truth about the drug problem in America. They (whites) are hughe prescription pill users. Oxycodone and other various narcotics.

  2. I am going to order the book by Michelle Alexander The New Jim Crow. Looks like something I could learn from and become enlighted about the prison system and why all the brothers are being targeted.

  3. I was earlier writing a post on this very topic. However, we really need to speak on responsibility. The U.S. government tells you that it will enslave you in Prison. What are we doing as a Community however to avoid Prison and Police abuse?

    A woman’s son was killed by a Police Officer the other day–the family called the Police. It’s terrible when this happens, but it’s also terrible that we can not police ourselves.

    Here’s an important document:

    Marcus Garvey in 1923 tells you of disproportionate imprisonment. There’s nothing New–it’s same old, same old.

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