Irritated Genie- Why Black Businesses Fail

In this video Irritated Genie explains why black businesses fail and how we are manipulated way too much,in terms of our economic resources.

12 thoughts on “Irritated Genie- Why Black Businesses Fail

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  2. Prince: The irritated genie speaks much truth. When I tried to begin my little company, the black folks gave me so much pain, I wondered what was wrong with them. But I learned the jealousy is a main factor with us.

    • Yeah I like Genie too. he always has some useful information. I’m going to see Runoko Rashidi today. I’m sure it will be a great lecture. Jealousy is a bit problem for us. We have to stop tearing each other down. We have to lift each other up. Crabs in a barrel.smh

  3. Wow! JustWow! That was awesome. That Irritated Genie brother makes so much sense. I could listen to him all day every day. Thatwas very informative and it reasonated with my spirit. Why can’t we stick together? The Indians and Asians and Hispanics stick together and are supporttive of each other. We can’t get mad at the other people prospering when we are still sleeeping. That was great. Bravo!!!

  4. That Irritated Genie is a smart and very articulate. Love him. Who is he. Where can I get more of his stuff? Does he write books? Tell me more about him. Awaiting your response.

  5. I will just start by saying I’m glad thre is a forum like your’s and Truth Be Told’s and Brotha Wolf’s. Otherwise I would be in the dark. I guess I should’nt have had so much faith in the western world’s information when it comes to learning the truth. We have to go find the truth for ourselves.

    • That’s very true Mary. We can no longer let the mainstream media blind us from the truth. And the high schools also lie to our children about historical events as well. We have to find the real TRUTH on our own. Never trust your open enemy to tell you the truth.

  6. Pretty good lecture. He’s discussing the neglected art of sales. That’s something I studied very deeply but still am hard to grasp. I can analyze his methods. It’s good.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes,Genie is a pretty good speaker. Speaking of lectures,I got the chance to sit and have lunch with Runoko Rashidi yesterday. I told him about my blog and we had a good chat. He gave a nice presentation and said we all have to do our part to awaken our people. he was a very cool brother.

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