10 thoughts on “This is what GMO Foods can do! Know what you’re eating!

      • The Zionist/white elite don’t care about sacrificing a few whites in their quest for global domination. They already calculate ahead of time there will be casualties. They’re nothing but collateral damage in their minds.

    • In Amerikkka?? Of course I can. You know as well as I do that this country has no moral compass. If they want to depopulate this country–poisoning the food is a good way to start. There’s been a war on food for quite some time now. Sadly,many people still think the FDA can be trusted.

  1. Thanks Brother. This may help with rallying. I’m thinking–I can print out this picture and really get some of us thinking of independence.

    I’m fixing to make this a topic of a posting.

    You have a good eye for good information.

      • That’s great.

        Though I do not think that ‘thinking’ is the only problem. It’s also what our ‘thinkers’ do with their thoughts. Most every one of us ‘writes’ a book. It’s become almost fashionable to ‘learn’ for the sake of ‘learning.’

        I go back to the adage, “One foot is not enough to walk with.” Sure we need critical thinkers, but we are more in critical need of creators. Thought and Creation need to be melded. That’s my great effort.

        That’s a point of my article “The Science of Struggle.”

  2. Dear God in Heaven! That is like something from a science fiction movie. Yet I know this is real. That rat is a monstrosity. God help us. That is truly frightening.

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