Have Black people really made any progress?

In this video Claud Anderson asks the question if black people have made any real progress in America. It would seem that since we have many black millionaire singers,rappers and athletes–that we have. But if you look beneath the surface you will see that not much has changed in over 100 years. It is only the illusion of progress.

16 thoughts on “Have Black people really made any progress?

  1. I listened to the Cows today on my lunch break and it make me MAD!!!! I’m ready for this to end! Prince, we’re gonna have to go to battle! I mean bloodshed to end this madness.

    • I’d ask Brother Kushite to delete that message if I were you. While living in fear isn’t the best; there are plenty of reasons to be fearful. White folk seriously do not tolerate threats. Believe that.

      • Yeah I hear you. We all have to be mindful of that. But I understand her frustration. Sometimes you feel like punching someone in the face when you get really angry. Of course we have to be smart and use our heads–not our fists. But we should never be scared to speak our mind.

      • Sister truthbetold knows that they are lunatics.

        A word to the wise is to never, never, never threaten a lunatic.

        I was meaning to write an article on the revealed memos of COINTEL-PRO. At our level of understanding European Psychology, we realize that the White government felt threatened by Black people ergo it executed Black leaders. In other words “Counter Terrorism.”

        We see the same crap going on today. “Counter Terrorism” and “the Bush Doctrine” (Preemptive Strike) fuels White people to murder us.

        I’m just wanting Sister truthbetold to continue truth telling.

      • Yeah we have to be careful what we say to lunatics. People that are unstable are not the type you want to threaten. I’d like to see you do a post on Cointelpro. I’ve done a bit of research on it myself.

    • Yes that is a nice video. It really gets to the point. Claud Anderson is a great speaker and author. Be sure to check out his books if you haven’t already. He does a great job breaking down the economic problems black people face.

  2. well Prince some of this I agree with up until the criticizim of the church. While I don’t attend church right now because there were things going on there I did’nt like. I do have a deep faith in Jesus Christ. I know this is something you don’t subscribe to but my faith is very important to me. Yes the black church is messed up and some not all need to focus on the real problems in the community. It is a problem for me as well when there is a church on every corner but yet people are poor and still messed up. That is my issue with the black church. But overall the video was on point. We have gone backwards and now we are stagnant. You know how\when water is stagnant not moving forward, It starts to stink and breed sickness and al kinds of unhealthy things. This is what I compare our community too. We have so long to go. Something has stunted our growth. And we will soon be like a fetus being aborted. This is how I see it. But the narrator is on point with the other things he pointed out in the video.

    • I respect everyone’s faith. I don’t tell people what they should believe. I used to go to Sunday school all the time as a kid. But I think many times religion divides black people in our quest for liberation. People can worship as they wish,but if it keeps dividing us—what good is it?

      • Right?

        On the Streets, I give out pretty great lectures, countering so many myths that plague our people. Then I am interrupted to be asked what religion I practice. 😐

        It’s sad too when the other day I bumped into a strong, beautiful, wonderful Christian Sister I met before. . . wish it were in me to lie. She asked me of my faith and well . . . I haven’t heard from her since. :-\


        She would have made a good friend. This was a Sister who ‘walked’ not ‘talked.’ But you know we have standards set by the White man . . . and Brothers are held against those standards tightly. You know . . ..

        Lol. I’m just playing. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah I feel you. I think religion divides us to much. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim,Christian,Moor or Hebrew Israelite. If we want real liberation we have to put the religion aside. That’s just how I see it.

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