7 thoughts on “Globalist Control

  1. These images made by Whites are always deceptive. Implicit is that some Whites are bad–not all. Meanwhile no one we know has met a good White person. Alright, sure, but never good.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve heard people say that before. Malcolm X said something about good whites and bad whites. What’s your definition of a “good” white person? I’m sure it differs from person to person.

      • We need a definition of “Good.” We can agree that something is “Good” when it goes according to its nature. In this sense, one can say that most Whites are “Good” (judging them by their nature)–like a “Good” Tiger is a predator of men.

        However, by our nature, these are not “Good” Whites. That’s the point. There really are no “Good” Whites. Unfortunately, by this definition, “Good” Blacks are very limited too. But that’s what we work against and that was the meaning behind my post “What is Responsibility?”

  2. I do beleive the Vatican is corrupt. I believe the United States government is corrupt. Yes the global system is an evil entity.

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