6 thoughts on “The Blacker the Berry…..

  1. Don’t tell me black is not beautiful. Those girls had smooth beautiful skin. White girls would be so jealous of that. White folks have really done a number on our people’s psyches.

  2. I meant to comment on this video on this video yesterday. I gonna make an effort to support all the bloggers that support me.

    Anyway, I had said this term “darker the berry, the sweeter the juice” in front of a caveman once. You know what his reply to me was? Get this sweet berries will get you diabetes. Of course that’s right up my alley and came back with, I would rather live with and even die with diabetes then to live in and surely die in ignorance. He doesn’t speak crazy to me anymore and that’s is cool with me.

    What can I say about my sisters? Well, I love them more than they hate themselves through brain trashing and white sex. I wish they would take their power back and stand up.

    • Oh! Prince your last comment for some reason didn’t make it to blog, but I got it on my wordpress app. I don’t know what happen.

      I just wanted to thank you for the comment and thank you for coming by. The group that made that song is called Urban Legend and the guest vocalist is named Chana. The song is called The World Keeps Spinning.

      Forgive my typos in the above comment, I really bad with typos. REALLY.

    • White people can be so ignorant sometimes.lol He’s just a fool. Yes,that’s a beautiful video. Non black women are jealous of the natural beauty of black women. They have better bodies,smooth skin and age ten times better. That’s hwy they get plastic surgery so much.lol

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