Great topic! People need to be aware of this.

More mental health issues, anyone? Let’s go!

An article has come out dealing with a prison management company making quizzical demands. A $250 million proposal from private prison management company, Corrections Corporation of America, is asking 48 states to promise the corporation a 90% occupancy rate for 20 years (at least) [1]. This comes at the heels of many states being strapped for cash. In exchange for money, many are considering taking on a situation that would possibly pressure the state to drive up the prison population [2]. In turn, this article has presented a problem with America’s prison system: it is built around profit.

Do not get me wrong: some people need to be in prison. Committing crime is not something that should be ignored. There are plenty of us that take pride in breaking the law. Getting by, or even getting over, is there…

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