Watoto From the Nile – Letter to Nicki Minaj

This is a great rap video from Watoto From the Nile. I hope Nicki Minaj is watching. She just might learn something from it. I think it would be some good food for thought.

4 thoughts on “Watoto From the Nile – Letter to Nicki Minaj

    • Yes it’s a great video! These girls are really talented. We need more music like this for our youngsters. Nicki Minaj is misleading a lot of young girls. Selling your body and being vulgar is NOT what our children need to see. We need more uplifting songs for the youth.

  1. This brong so much tears out of my eyes because i been seeing this music misleading the young for a long time and finally people are starting to wake up and see that everything they taught us were lies to bring us down to hate ourselves subplimanal hidden mesg in movies music and the media parents take action we still have a chance from the spanish to the blacks who are being mislead its time for a change

    • Thanks Angel. I agree with you. Rappers like Nicki,Lil Wayne,Young Jeezy and Rick Ross are horrible for our children. All these sick negative images do a lot of damage to their self esteem. They are being led down a path of destruction.

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