The Boule – Skull and Bones Society(Part 2)

As of 2012, there were 101 chapters in the world; yes the Boule’ is in your town! Anywhere there are professional blacks, the Boule’ coagulates. The amount of these men’s wealth (including strong political and economic connections — strong enough to assist in killing Malcolm X and fellow Boule member Martin Luther King!) cannot be matched by any other blacks anywhere in the world!
The History of the Boule
‘Boule’, again, meaning “advisor’s to the king”, is the lower house Inside the Boule’ history book — written by Charles H. Wesley, a Boule’ member, (he also wrote the history books for Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons and founded Central State University in Ohio) wrote on page 28, why one of it’s founding member’s, Minton, who also owned the first black drugstore in the United States, wanted to create such an organization:

“Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale.”

Now who is Skull & Bones? Skull & Bones’ — aka Brotherhood of Death, alias the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, incorporated for business purposes as Russell Trust, was established in 1776 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
Most politicians, both black and white, are Masons. But there is a difference. Non-whites can only attain 33 degrees; and whites get 33 and 1/3rd. The root of Masonry is of the knowledge (33 1/3 degrees)
Now! If Henry Minton, who was black, wanted to create a black secret society based on these beliefs and customs, what type of devil is he? If you were to look on page 38 of the Boule’s history book, it also says,

“In the building of the organizations plan, reliance was placed upon Greek history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of Greek civilization was basically an acquaintance with western civilization, although Greek culture had relationships with the culture of the orient.”

If you are familiar with Masonry, or secret societies, members took a pledge to never reveal the secrets of that organization, for if he did, his punishment would be death. This is why we it’s difficult to get any of the Boule’ member’s to tell us what’s up. Thanks, to an article written July 18th, 1990 of the LA Times and one published in the, Washington Post, November 23, 1991, this secret society was exposed. Because people are beginning to find out about the history of the Boule, as well as their own children lacking interest in continuing the mental and spiritual rape of Afrikan people, the Boule publicly claims themselves as only a “social” organization. Fellow Boule’ member — and so-called, Afrocentric scholar Asa Hilliard, was confronted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Harlem, New York about his affiliation with the Boule’. The first time he said,

“we’re just a group of people that throw banquets and picnics,”

Understand that all black “leaders” white America gave us, actually had an allegiance with white supremacy. If you think about it, back in the early 1900s, we weren’t even 40 years out of slavery. So the house negro/field Afrikan mentality was still in existence. Most Afrikans, of that time, had gone through much self-denial. The old cliche’, “If you black, get back; if you brown, stick around; if you yellow, you’re mellow; and if you white, you i-ight or right!”, was rampant and most of our ancestors lost themselves through bleaching their skin, conking their hair, and speaking “civilized” in order to be seen different than a field nigga.
We must also realize that most of our co-founders of black organization’s were mulatto’s (very light-skinned). These house negroes had already felt they were better than dark-skinned blacks. And went out of their way to prove to whites they were different. Because we were now “free”, whites still needed to keep an eye on us. They needed an overseer. This is why around the same time as the founding of the Boule’, we find the founding of the NAACP and the Urban League. These “black” organizations were co-founded by Jewish spies who used DuBois as their scapegoat!!
One must also note that NAACP co-founder, Joel Spingarn, a known beast who spied on the Afrikan community, was also very influential in the finding of the Boule’. A lot of us don’t know that a lot of these organizations were really a front! They were supposed to defend the countless atrocities against black people; on the contrary, we found out the very whites we were complaining about, actually help find these organizations!! This makes a lot of sense now. I see why the NAACP doesn’t even own the building national headquarters of located at. Think about it. With all the loot the NAACP gets annually, and they still have to pay rent for their building?! That’s because they have to answer to someone(whites) who is their major fund raiser.
While we were being lynched, raped, and murdered by YT, we thought these organizations would help us fight for justice; later to find out the person our “leaders” answer to is the very one with blood on his hands!! Can you see why we are in the shape we’re in today Afrikans?! It is very evident. In the words of Cokely,

“When we look at the Boule’ closely, we find a confusion of values. Black men who felt that their advancement was edged upon a positive relationship with wealthy and influential white people. And I say that that may have an adverse impact on our revolution. Therefore, we give them (the Boule’) today, this official warning…Our goal is not to kill off the Boule’; but to warn them as an organization. To warn the individual that if they bring false values, or worship a false idol, into the community at a time the community attempts to self-determinate (liberate ourselves), if we gave the call, they will come and grab you, we have every one of your addresses and phone numbers, we can get you, if we choose to. But we only choose to ask you to step aside and the day we got to get “massa”, you find some way to be on vacation…To kill off the Boule’ would be like eating the peel off a banana and ignoring the actual banana.”

In other words, in order to stop the puppet, you must stop the puppeteer.
There is also a Boule’ membership book with some very interesting names. Out of the list there are members such as, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams — performed 1st open heart surgery; Ralph Bunch — former UN Ambassador; Arthur Ashe; Urban League President, Whitney Young; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Benjamin Mays; Carter G. Woodson; John H. Johnson; Maynard Jackson — ex-mayor of Atlanta (all who died never speaking of the Boule’ and therefore taking the secrets of white supremacy with them); Baseball great Hank Aaron; Tom Bradley – tv personality; Dennis Archor – mayor of Detroit; Elvin Big ‘E’ Hayes; Bill Cosby; Jesse Jackson; Earl Graves; Douglass Wilder; ex-Steeler, Lynn Swann, and David Dinkins – ex-mayor of New York City, to name a few. Most Boule’ members are of the “successful” group. As Cokely puts it, “Yes the Boule’ is in your town!” Anywhere there are “prominent” professional blacks, chances are they’re in the Boule’. Brother Cokely is the God that should be given biggup’s to. His tireless dedication and research has allowed the masses of Afrikan people to know the truth of which the Boule’ has pledged to never let you know. We have the roster up to 1994 which includes 101 chapters. It is now 1998, we haven’t yet gotten the latest roster, but I’m sure there are quite a few more. Next piece, we will elaborate on the symbolism behind their logo, their colors, the origin of college fraternities and sororities and the close relation to demonic masonry. Continue to seek knowledge and we shall find.
My next incision will go a level deeper. I will perform open heart surgery and split open the aorta of these so-called black Greeks; I will define the meaning of the Boule’s logo — the Sphinx; their colors; and more of their connection with masonry. Let’s start with their logo.
Most will say it is a sphinx. True, but not truth. Most will associate the sphinx with the tall, solid block statue our ancestors built in ancient KMT (in Afrika). Because we have been conditioned to accept without question, we never thought of looking up what the word sphinx means. Look in any dictionary and it will tell you that a sphinx is a third part woman, one-third eagle and one-third lion (notice the breasts and wings). So when I think of the tall statue in KMT, does it look like a woman?? Where are the breasts?! What about the wings?! The original, Afrikan name is Her-Em-Akhet, which means Heru of the horizon and has the face of the builder, Khafre. When we look up the definition of sphinx, it means “to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect”. This has nothing to do with Kemet or Afrikan people.The sphinx is a Grecian myth and is a major part of masonry.
According to the Greeks, this beast was a guardian of the city of Thebes. She sat on a cliff on the only path leading to the city. Anyone that wanted to enter Thebes had to first confront the sphinx. The sphinx would ask one simple riddle and if you didn’t know the answer, she would devour you, tearing you to pieces. The king, Creon, was upset that many people were unable to enter his city. He consulted a homosexual named Oedipus (NOTE: homosexuality was a norm for the Grecian culture).
The king offered his crown and his daughter if he could kill the sphinx. So he bounced to where she was and she asked him the riddle, “What has one voice, and goes on four feet on two feet and on three, but the more feet it goes on the weaker it be?” Oedipus responded, “Man — who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.” After answering the riddle correctly, the sphinx committed suicide by jumping off the cliff and Oedipus was claimed king of Thebes for outsmarting the beast.
They could never understand what Her-Em-Akhet means. The statue faced the east because our ancestors knew the pineal gland is the seat of the Afrikan soul and when the sun rises in the east, it hits the forehead (pineal gland), suppressing the beastly nature of man. As author Tony Browder puts it,

“Symbolically, the body represents the animal nature which exists in woman, and the lion exemplifies the royalty and power of the divine spirit that exists in its lower physical form. The head of a man symbolizes the intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the consciousness into a higher spiritual state so that it may become divine. Metaphorically speaking, it is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of man. Spiritually speaking, it is only by conquering the “beast” within that one is capable of truly knowing God.”

As stated before, Boule’ means “advisor to the king”, and we clarified last piece that the king is the Rockefeller Foundation. If we were to bring some numerology into this, the sphinx’s number is 9. The riddle of the Sphinx is what walks on 4, 2, then 3. That equals 9. 4 symbolized the ignorant man (baby); 2, the intellectual (young adult); and 3, the spiritual (old man with cane, which means wisdom).
The masonic definition of the number 9 is the natural number of man AND the lower worlds (or evil)! Looking at the logo, you will notice under the sphinx in between the Greek letters, there are 2 sets of 3×3 squares. Brother Steve Cokely pointed out, after attending a Boule’ national conference a couple years ago, that each square represented each of the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities. The final square belongs to the one that started it all, the Boule’!
You will also notice the sphinx with his right paw covering an earn (vase). Inside the earn we see a circle-within-a-circle with a dot in the middle. This had 2 meanings. First, the circle-within-a-circle is the symbol of the Rockefeller Foundation (which is subservient to the Rothschild/Rhodes secret society, the Illuminati).
So what the sphinx is doing is what it’s definition is, “protect, guard; gatekeeper”. It is protecting the interests of white supremacy! The second meaning is the circle within the circle has a dot in the middle. The circle, including the dot is the symbol of Ra. Our ancient Sun God, or Heru of the original trinity, Ausar, Auset, and Heru. The outer circle is like a enclosed layer, closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history the beast knows is very vital to our upliftment! There are many symbols out here that have racist definitions. Remember the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is a code of communication we originated on the walls and temples back in KMT (Metu Neter or as the Greeks call it, hieroglyphics).The Boule’s colors are blue and white and is a cipher within itself. Blue has a close relationship with masonry. In masonry, blue resembled the lower protective lodges. These are also the code of silence lodges. They are the front line of the protective layer. The color white really needs no elaboration, but we will for those white worshipers …it represents the race they respect the most.
The Boule’ has taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy and to never let you know the whites that rule the world. It’s just like the house negro/field Afrikan theory. The white ‘massa’ needed a house negro to keep an eye on the rest of the Afrikans to alert him if there would be an uprising (the word ‘negro’ stands for clarification. Many have been taught that negro is Spanish and means black. But the Spanish got this word from the Greeks, who called ‘necro’. Necro in greek means DEAD! So what we are dealing with when dealing with ‘negroes’ is DEAD-thinking Afrikans!). The Boule’ is no different. They are guaranteed table scraps as long as they keep the rest of us in check. They are allowed to get high paying salaries, luxurious cars, even their own businesses (although dictated by whites — look at Ebony, Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise, etc and notice the many white advertisements inside each issue. These are the one’s who dictate what goes in and goes out of each issues of these so-called black magazines.) as long as they ‘inform’ massa of any Marcus Garvey’s, Queen Tiye’s, Malcolm X’s, or Queen Nzingha’s.
We,(African diaspora) have been handed cultural, political and religious belief systems used to great advantage by these generational Satanists and lying collectives.These elite systems promote dissension, division, hatred, bigotry and war. According to the ruling powers, people are objects that need to be controlled. Therefore, we have men and women in high places that are soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning processes.We have an ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants. The evil elite has had a good run. Though they may be certain skin colors, certain nationalities and creeds, they are apart from you and me. We must stand up like the true Kings and Queens we are. We must let the truth be known. These people in the Boule have long abdicated any all connections to a shared humanity.
Parts of this was taken from M’Bwebe Ishangi of”
There’s a lot of useful information on that site.Be sure to check it out.

29 thoughts on “The Boule – Skull and Bones Society(Part 2)

  1. WOW!!!

    Prince, this is the best article you’ve ever written!!!
    I’m kinda speechless and depressed and heartbroken and sad that blacks have sold us out over and over again. I want to get angry and cry out but I just exhausted from it all.

    • I know it can seem overwhelming at times. But we have to stay strong and not lose faith. There will always be sellouts and traitors among us.That’s why it’s up to us to tell our people about these organizations. So they will know what we’re up against. Knowledge is power. No matter what–we fight on. We have no other choice.

  2. Every famous rich black person known to whites is a race traitor everyone including sports. And they have to do the homo thing and thats the real reason the shut up that and greed. Also that is why that act crazy because some still have regrets but not enough to stop helping keep slavery alive

  3. Also the elite whites know the truth satanism is nothing but a pump fake it is really the worship of the black man. Nimrod great grandson of noah is the main one they worship and call it xmas on his birthday. Molech as well a canaanite ruler who made his subjects worship him. They built an owl statue named for him at the bohemian grove

  4. We are talking about souless people who want heaven on earth because thats it for them when they die. I belive the boule think by killing their own they help empower satan so maybe this shit can continue in the next life. Remember satan is half black as well and very real and has many real children. I hope u contact me via email bro I never put out my real info or name so these devils can harass me

  5. The revolution has been started and its about to get ugly because the pale man is scared and will kill many before he is dead

  6. I don’t know what to say. As it was stated above, this is extremely depressing! Those of us who do not cloak ourselves with the mantle of our oppressor will never be believed. And yet, those who cloak themselves, value their privileged lifestyle of which they are allowed due to the selling out of their people. There is a saying, “everyone has their price.” For what will you sell your soul? I would like to think that I would never be tempted and that there are many others who are of the same mind.
    Thank you for another extremely thought-provoking post.

    • Thanks Shelby. I know what you mean. It can be depressing to know there are those who will sell out their own people for table crumbs. That’s why these people should be exposed. They have no backbone and no pride. It really makes me sick to see such deception. And sadly so many of our own people are buying into it. *sigh*

    • The original name of Egypt was Kemet. They never called themselves Egyptians. The original, Afrikan name is Her-Em-Akhet, The Greeks named it a Sphinx,which means as the article above states :When we look up the definition of sphinx, it means “to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect”. This has nothing to do with Kemet or Afrikan people.The sphinx is a Grecian myth.” Even though it does have an African origin it is being used against black people. The black members in the Boule must bow down to either their white/Jewish oppressors. Which ever way you want to look at it. They are not allowed to have any type of black agenda that uplifts black people. They will be punished if they attempt this in any fashion.But the reality is black people are still servants. We don’t control our images in Hollywood or the resources in our community. Therefore, we stay in poverty and fill up the prisons. This is all by design in this country.Although the laws this country will have an effect on all Americans–be they black,white,Mexican,Asian etc. I’m just giving the black perspective on how it hurts our community. But people need to wake up to the deception that is right in their faces.

      • Thanx for the information.

        It should also be noted that both blacks & whites who try to stand up for equality & truth have a tendency to get discredited &/or silenced.

        Just the duality of saying whites are white, blacks are black, when most of us are all just different shades of brown, has a tendency to polarize races against each other on a symbolic & therefore subconscious level… at least, that’s how it looks to me.

      • I know what you’re trying to say. I know of quite a few white authors and scientists who have had mysterious deaths. The ruling elite will take out anyone who threatens the power structure. Doesn’t matter what race,color or cred you may be. The reality is most people don’t have the guts to speak truth to power. They rule over us through fear. That’s the big hurdle we have to overcome. Of course,that’s easier said than done.
        The race issue is very complicated. We live in a pluralistic society. Not a nation of individuals,therefore people will be grouped together. No matter how much we want it to be otherwise. To get rid of racism everyone would have to have equal access to power. But looking at America the racial inequalities are painfully obvious. To deny those facts would be to deny reality. It’s hard to have peace with inequality–it just doesn’t work that way. And I’ve noticed that people with power just don’t give it up without a fight. This is the reality we must all deal with. But I do understand the point you’re trying to make regarding race. I just don’t think this country has really dealt with the race issue in a honest way. But ……there’s always hope one day America will. Only time will tell.

  7. Some additional thoughts… you’re correct that the aristocratic system in the US does seem to be based on much greek symbolism… & that symbolism is used against the general populations.

    Also, regarding some of the wealthy blacks involved in the Boule… indoctrinated rap artists & such… I think that much of the music equating women with bitches, focusing on money/greed, pride… it’s as if they are pushing very negative ideals onto people… as a kid growing up with this stuff, you either internalize these values & become like them, or you rebel against it. If you are white, & you notice these negative values in the music, you may generalize & think all blacks are this way which encourages racism (more divide & conquer scheme).

    • I see your point. That’s the reason I’m not a fan of gangster rap. It’s very destructive for black youth and reinforces racial stereotypes. Which is why my blog promotes positive things about black and African culture. The Boule blacks are the sellouts who sold their soul for crumbs. I don’t respect any of them. And you’re right about white kids seeing these images. If they aren’t around any real black people they will think that Lil Wayne and Rick Ross represent ALL of black culture. Which would be a big lie. My job is to counter this nonsense.

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  11. OMG! Not Cornel West too. I LOVE Cornel West! Is there anyone in any position, anywhere that is not part of the secret society network? ***sigh*** 😦

    • Most of those that are in high positions have sold out. There are not too many high ranking blacks who haven’t sold out for fame and fortune. And yes I would put Cornel in that category as well.

      • Bro. Kushite, PLEASE be precise in what you say. From Seeker’s comment on inquiring about Cornel West, from your reply it seemz you are saying he is part of the Boule’ — which this article is about that mainly consists of content from what I’ve written on the Boule’. To my knowledge, although he is mentioned to be a member of BGLO Alpha Phi Alpha, Cornel West is NOT a part of the Boule’! As conveyorz of this level of history, we must be accountable of our statements. If you’re saying he is in the Boule’, provide the proof! If not, BE CLEAR in what you say, it can mislead all the efforts of those who do the research and then disrupt the true overstanding of just how wicked the Boule’ is.

        Each one teach MANY!

      • Thanks for the clarification. I believe that most high ranking blacks have sold out in some fashion. Whether they are in the Boule or not. I have said this many times before. Most big name Hollywood actors,politicains and athletes have sold out for fame and fortune. Otherwise they couldn’t have made it to that status. Since most people who own the cable channels,sports teams,newspapers are either Zionist Jews or old white men….black people have to play by their rules. Cornel West is no different in my opinion. I’m sure he’s well aware of the Boule and their activities. So he’s not telling black people the whole TRUTH about our condition and oppression we are up against. But if people want to do the research for themselves..they are more then welcome. To me the issue is bigger than just the Boule itself or who is or isn’t in it. The bigger issue is exposing ALL sellouts. That’s what I try to expose as best I can. But thanks for the comment.

  12. Wow, this post is enlightening and depressing at the same time. There is a lot to learn, unlearn and question. thanks for posting this though.

    • Thank you Afrodaisy. I got a lot of feedback form this post. A lot of people shared it. IT’s probably one of my most popular posts. I’m glad you found it educational. Be sure to spread the information.

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