The Boule – Skull and Bones Society (Part 1)

In 1904, the first African -American Greek Secret Society was formed in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women.
Fashioned after Yale’s Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement.What could the Boule offer America’s Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives.
The Boule recruits top Blacks in American Society into its ranks. Today, 5000+ Archons, (male Boule members) and their wives, (Archousais), with 112 chapters, make up the wealthiest group of Black men and women on the planet. “Archon” means “demon” – the kind that like to keep hidden.
But to who does the Boule really serve? The Satanic (mostly white) global elite! As long as the Black member conforms to the rules, the riches will be in abundance; if not, down comes the hatchet. Blackmail is part of the deal. This Masonic secret society has a pyramid style like all the rest. The lower ranks are kept from knowing what the upper ranks are doing. The early 20th century was a period of reconstruction. Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Africa” Movement was in full swing. Garvey represented genuine Black leadership. W.E.B. Dubois, founding member of the NYC chapter of the Boule said, “The Boule was created to keep the black professional away from Marcus Garvey”. The remaking of the House Negro was necessary to institute a group of Blacks who had a vested interest in protecting the Elite White System. It was about selling out brothers and sisters for power and money. The majority of Black lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants were members of this secret club.

The late conspiracy theorist and Futurologist Steve Cokely, had this to say: “Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they’re in the Boule”. Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall.The members of the Boule pose as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists on the surface. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people.The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul.In the Greek system, the Boule was the Lower House of Parliament. Charged with organizing the affairs of the city for the King. Let that sink in.This is an ancient story. The New World Order is The Old World Order. The elite Blacks of the Boule are culling and controlling their own for a slice of the elite white man’s pie.Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homosexual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Bobby Hemmitt says, “Any kind of top-notch Negro gets together and they f*ck each other.”These perversions are then cataloged and stored on record. Later, if needed, these abuses may be used as bargaining tools in the ULTIMATE GAME. What is the Ultimate Game? Capturing human souls.The enemy may appear to have a white face but it goes much deeper than that. This is a force cloaked within many facades, personals, fictions and governing powers.
Incorporated, founded May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the 1st black fraternity in america and was before the 1st black “college” frat, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated which was founded December 4, 1906. The Boule’ is a black GREEK secret society based on another secret society founded at Yale University called Skull & Bones. The Boule’s primary founder was Dr. Henry Minton (along with Dr.’s Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warrick), of Philadelphia.
The founding member of the New York City chapter, WEB DuBois, said the Boule’ was created to
“keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey.”
(One thing that needs to be pointed out is the time period. Shortly after the founding of the Boule’ was also a time Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Afrika” movement was reaching a million-plus people without television or radio.)
DuBois emphasized, as Cokely stated,

“the importance to steal the black professional away from Garvey because an Afrocentric organization that articulated and captured the black professional would give YT no safe haven in the black community, so the Boule’ — the remaking of the house negro was necessary to build a group of negroes who had an investment in protecting the white system as produced by whites having stolen this land…This is post reconstruction. Taking away the articulate negro, now desiring to replace them with organized institutions to keep them away from self improvement. So we find in the same period, as the founding of the Boule’, the founding of the 4 black male (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and 4 black female (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) college-based fraternities and sororities…We also find the founding of the NAACP and Urban League.”

DuBois was one of the strongest opponents of Garvey and was an instrumental “tool” in stopping one of the strongest grassroots movements in this century. What was Garvey’s plan? His plan was to take as many Afrikans from the America’s and start a settlement in the nation of Liberia and then help their new nation produce and control their own rubber crops and other industries in natural resources.
Garvey said,

“If the oil of Africa is good for Rockefeller’s interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow wall street and the capitalist group of america and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Afrika give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?”

DuBois, along with Alain Locke — the first black (Cecil) Rhodes scholar — publicly defiled Garvey by calling him a “gorilla” any chance they got. Locke was quoted as saying:

“We hope the white man deliver’s cause we crushed a great black thing, but we know he’ll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more.”

These two house negroes made a bet that whites would come out on top and give a certain percentage of these greedy negroes, namely Boule’ members, the wealth they stole from Afrika. What’s deep is they didn’t believe in Afrikan self-reliance and preferred to have whites give them table scraps instead of us making the whole pie!
Understand the Boule’ represents the weakest element of Afrikan people. As Cokely put’s it,

“It took a type of nigger to form an organization like this. I mean, we just got our a**** kicked during reconstruction, Afrika was divided before our very eyes (The Berlin conference), damn, this was 50 years before Rosa Parks!”

The question is why were these black devils like this? The answer may lie in the fact that the Boule’ is a Greek organization.

Portions of this article were written by Lesley Terry and M’Bwebe Ishangi.

Part 2 goes even deeper

120 thoughts on “The Boule – Skull and Bones Society (Part 1)

    • I know it’s hard to accept sweetheart. As a kid I grew up admiring Dubois. He was one of my heroes. Then I found out how he hated Marcus Garvey and tried to discredit him. He was a very bitter man who worked in the interest of white folks. I will upload part two tomorrow. Wait until you see whose on the rest of the list. It’s quite mind blowing! Brace yourself.

      • I don’t think most are aware of him or others. He’s just one of many that the white elite give us to follow. Giving us the illusion they want justice and equality. When in reality they stay loyal to their white masters. Part 2 coming up.

      • I wonder if any of these questions will ever be answered. All the news media coverage yesterday was overload. But hopefully it makes the people who are still “asleep” maybe question the official story.

      • I´m not totally sure of how to judge Dubois in the final analysis, but by and large there´s a process of getting African Americans (likewise “elites” of the colonies) entangled by imperial ideology. I wrote about this: !
        And the “black” copies of such dubious white “circles” are an important part of that process!
        Best regards
        Andreas Schlüter
        Berlin, Germany

      • Prince:

        I have known about this for years. Though DuBois implemented the “Talented Tenth,” he was nonetheless a member of the Boule that represents, to me, the Bourgeosis now known as “Bougie.”

        Divide and conquer remains alive…


      • You’re right! Dubois was part of it. He was very vicious towards the great Marcus Garvey,who wanted real liberation for his people. These type of people need to be exposed. This is probably one of the most important posts I’ve ever put up. It amazes me that there are still people not aware of the Boule. We have to get the word out.

    • They’re sworn to secrecy. They have to take an oath to keep quiet. Their entire purpose is to mislead the rest of us. Then they are rewarded with crumbs from the white elite. It really makes me sick that we have a lot of our great thinkers and entertainers that are willing to sell us out.

    • The sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha has a long list of famous women in it. This list is very impressive:
      Ethel Hedgeman Lyle
      Founder and “guiding light” of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

      Jane Addams
      Founder of Hull House, Chicago, Illinois

      Marian Anderson
      First African-American woman to sing at the Metropolitan Opera

      Dr. Maya Angelou
      Renowned novelist, poet, educator, dancer. National Ambassador for the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, Grammy winner for Best Spoken Word. Her works include “And Still I Rise” and “Phenomenal Woman”.

      Dr. Gwendolyn Calbert Baker, PhD.
      President of the United States Committee for UNICEF

      Angie Brookes
      The first woman President of the United Nations.

      Bebe Moore Campbell
      Accomplished Author of Brothers and Sisters and Your Blues Aint Like Mine.

      Suzette Charles
      Miss America 1984, contemporary singer and actress

      Ella Fitzgerald
      Internationally famous jazz singer, known as the “First Lady of Song”.

      Dr. Mae Jemison
      Became the first African-American woman astronaut in 1992. She is also a noted physician. She has done medical studies in Cuba, Kenya, and Thailand

      Star Jones
      Starlet Jones is a lawyer, former assistant district attorney and former NBC news correspondent. She is also a past 2nd Supreme Basilues of AKA. She is currently a co-host of TV Show “The View”.

      Coretta Scott King
      Civil Rights Activist, Director of Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Social Change and Civil Rights Activism.

      Gladys Knight
      Accomplished singer and actress

      Yvette Lee
      Producer of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and A Different World, and creator and executive producer of Living Single
      Toni Morrison
      Nobel prize winning novelist and poet whose works include Song of Solomon and Beloved.

      Jomarie Payton Noble
      Humanitarian and actress; star of Family Matters
      Rosa Parks
      Known as the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement”, for refusing to give up her seat to a white man in 1955. This launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott which lasted for one year.

      Suzanne de Passe
      Chairman and CEO of de Passé Entertainment
      Phylicia Rashad
      Actress on the award-winning Cosby show and the TV series Cosby
      Sonia Sanchez
      Noted author and poet

      Ntozake Shaunge
      Author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf

      Jada Pinkett-Smith
      Actress whose works include: The Nutty Professor, Set It Off, Menace to Society, and A Different World
      Dr. Debbye Turner
      Humanitarian and Miss America, 1990
      Leah Tutu
      Wife of South African activist Bishop Desmond Tutu

      Iyanla Vanzant
      Author of 10 books and Public Inspirational Speaker
      Marjorie Judith Vincent
      Miss America, 1991
      Lynn Whitfield
      Humanitarian and actress. She is the star of The Jospehine Baker Story
      Alicia Keys
      J Records Recording artist.
      It;s really quite shocking when you think about it! I grew up admiring so many of these women. They white elite has so many of our best and brightest. It can be depressing at times. But we have to keep in mind that we outnumber them. We are the majority–not them. We can not let the fact that they are celebrities blind us to the fact that many of them have sold us out. Truth is the truth. No matter who it offends.

      • I spoke to prof. Griff about this today. Usually when I call him his line is busy or it goes to Voicemail.

        He told me that some black folk don’t even know they’re in it! They just think it’s a club.

        Others know but some do not.

      • You finally got to speak to Griff! That’s cool! I think I know what he means. Many people on the lower level have no idea what goes on with the people in the high levels. The millionaires deal with a lot more tings in secrecy than the low level group. The low level people just think it’s a black club that’s been around for 100 years. Sadly,they don’t have a clue.

      • Kushite: women are not active memberz of the Boule’, however, they are involved only on a social level, meaning they do all the social functionz (parties, dinnerz, etc). They are called Archouses, but they are not allowed to be part of the decision-making circle of the Boule’. This is consistent with how the greeks “used” women; they were only needed for procreative reasonz as homosexuality among these “elite” men was the preference.

  1. I missed this too. Why don’t my alerts work. That was a very good read. When i was going college [HBCU] I think it was some Boule children I attended with. They just stuck me as more uppity than most and they couldn’t stand us urban youngsters. I know that sounds petty but it was the whole feel that they gave off. And they all lived off campus…..freshman year. That never happens.

    • Oh yeah I hear you. A lot of our people still don’t know about this at all. We really need to educate ourselves on things like this. It’s going on right under our noses and we don’t have a clue. We need to understand every aspect of how this Beast operates.

  2. Whatever the truth about the Boule and its membership may be, it is critical for us to know that no person, no group, no profiteers, no conspiracy can suppress or extinguish African genius when each of us practices self-mastery and Ma’at. We have the ability to take what is useful from any lesson, any thinker, any politician, or public figure and set the rest aside. When we know ourselves, we know what we need and what to do. When we know our source, no man and no beast or collection of men or beasts can dismay us.

      • Poeticballer– I am so tired of US as black folk being divided when someone takes the time to educate us. We have followed the yellow brick road for so long that we genuinely love being in OZ. Wake up people, The boule is real , people have sold out, the enemy is the prince of this world and you want more proof. Pick up a book and discern for yourself, If you are willing GOD is able

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  7. Why is it always about race?….seriously grow up. It’s good that your exploiting the evil, but your still playing there game by keeping the people divided because of race.

    • Trust me,I’m very grown up. It’s not about hatred or division. Black people are very lost and uninformed. That’s a concern for me. I’m sorry if the love of my people offends you. There’s nothing I can do about that. There are major problems in the black community. So I feel it’s important to address those problems. I have to do everything I can to educate them on the deception they’ve bought into. The evil of the elite must be exposed. But anyone of any race can take useful information from my blog. If this blog doesn’t fit your needs and concerns maybe it’s best you find another blog. Thanks for the comment.

      • Please, never be sorry or concerned over offending someone when it is all because you are trying to educate the people you love. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

        I have been reading this and it has certainly opened my eyes because I always wondered how other Black folks who gained prestige and notoriety and money, never look back, nor do they use what they have obtained to bring the plight of Black America to the forefront. They ignore those who are in inner cities who are dealing with abject poverty to the point where they survive by any means necessary.

        When I lived in Baltimore, MD and the NAACP’s national headquarters was in Baltimore on Mt. Hope Drive, I cannot tell you how many times, I contacted them and asked, “how can you consider this organization, an organization to eradicate the many ills that plague Black communities in this city alone, when you’re not doing a damn thing to help those who are drowning in poverty, who are on the streets selling themselves for crack, who are gangbanging because of a lack of a father figure and employment and educational opportunities?” Now, I know why. Back then I knew something was wrong, but again, I had no idea just how bad the situation really is with regards to the selling out of Black people by other Black people.

        Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have a lot of reading to do on yours!

      • Thanks a lot Shelby. I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from. I get a lot of posters coming to blog that are uncomfortable with black self-love. Some don’t like that I give my people useful info,some hate that I uplift black women. It doesn’t bother me though. I keep pushing on. I’m glad you found this useful. This Boule society needs to be exposed. They are doing everything so that we have NO progress. Make sure you read part 2 as well. Thanks for the comment.

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  9. It is a blessing that I happen to come across your blog about the boule society. I never knew about this until now all I knew there was skull and bones society and many others like it out there but I’m not surprise that this society is like the others. Is part 2 of the article available and do you have YouTube?

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  11. Very interesting post! How did you find out about the Boule? Is every member out to defeat the progress of black folks for personal gain? I am a big DuBois fan. I also like Marcus Garvey, and yes, Obama. I’ve also known Michelle personally since she was a teen. I know her heart. So it’s hard for me to believe she is self serving. It will be interesting to see what Part 2 brings.

    • I’m glad you liked the post. I have a part two to this post. Just type in “boule” in the description box. Our people need to know how our enemies operate. I hope you find it informative.

    • Sis-Star Eldhughes, there are a few holes in this article as I’ve reached out to Bro. Kushite yearz ago asking for clarity and his position on the accusationz of the Obama’s being alleged memberz of the Boule’ (of which they are not/can not unless they first are parts of the divine 9 college black fraternity and sororities). Al Sharpton is not a member either, although they may rub elbowz with memberz and part of other societies who hold secrets (like the NAACP or much worse, any sub level organization to the Round Table Group — of which most if not al politicianz are affiliated in some way).

      I have written an extensive 6-part series (of which many points were derived from my series in Kushite’s articles with no acknowledgment of my works being one of not his main source) on the Boule’ that can be read starting with this piece, ‘Why the Boule’ Files’ — I will be soon releasing the next piece focusing on WEB DuBois and his hatred toward Booker T. Washington first, then Marcus Garvey.

      If you have any additional questionz whatsoever after reading this series, feel free to contact.

      I as well hope he does answer your question, as I am just as interested in hearing his points and references to support it.

      Each one teach MANY!

      Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

  12. Wow! I just watched an hour documentary on early African America a couple of days ago, I remember Henry Gates saying something like W.E.B Dubois and Marcus Garvey didn’t have the same views when it came down to our people in this country or in general and I was wondering since I watched the documentary what he meant because he didn’t go to great detail at that point,then I read this knowledge and you answered all my questions,I must say I’m shocked.Thanks a lot Kushite Prince

    • Thanks for dropping by Nelson. I’m glad you found it helpful. Drop by anytime. By the way,don’t trust Gates. He’s just working for the elites. He doesn’t give a damn about black folks. He’s nothing but a pawn!

    • Thanks a lot. Glad you liked the information. I picked that name because I do a lot of research on African culture. There was an empire in Africa named Kush. I just liked that name,that’s all.

  13. I have a better understanding why Malcolm X finally cut all ties with Luther knowing of this underground Boule movement. He spoke openly of King being sponsored by the same system etc. Malcolm was truly one of the our great uncomprised prophets in the 20 century. May HiS soul rest in perfect peace.
    peace & maintain.

  14. Look at Tyler Perry, Will Smith’s whole family, Jay-z and Beyonce. Black men like Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams seem to have been played as “nuts” because they know what’s up. Listen to Dee-1’s Jay, 50, and Weezy. Secret societies are prevalent regardless of race, and it all stems from the whore of Babylon. The secret societies that push Kabalism and Gnosticism and Unitarianism. It’s nothing new, there is nothing new under the sun.

  15. Oh yeah. It’s even mentioned in the Bible, murdering race of people, all of us, after Cain, after the Jewish people started wandering and worshipping things like Baal and Ishtar, after the exile to Babylon, the vipers and money changers Jesus condemned, the people that call themselves a certain people but are of what is termed the synagogue of Satan. Freemasons call their places temples for a reason.


  17. Thanks for reading my post. Your’s is very interesting exposing the Boule and their partnership with the Illuminate. More cited information can be found regarding the Illuminate in a book named “Circle of Intrigue.”

    I have just two questions hopefully you will respond to. Regarding the images and names of famous and renown (Past 101 years of the Black American Experience) Black Americans imagery found in both part 1 and 2 of this blog, which is well written I must say.

    1) Have you ever read and study Carter G. Woodson book Mis-Education of the Negro?

    Proof of President Barrack Obama membership in any Black Frat, Masonic Order is not publicly known, nor admitted by the POTUS. Yes its true the Boule have been attempting to recruit Obama but they have been unsuccessful. If I’m wrong please educate me.

    2) Do you realize, do you believe, or have you ascertained yet, there are Masonic Lodges, established to opposes the dark / negative force (Illuminate / Dark Masonic Lodges) controlling the masses of this planet?

    When you fully realize high unseen powers are grouped in camps and can not be comprehend or fully distinguished one from the other by the unlearned masses or individuals Mis-Educated by Western Society. One Righteous in order, and the other unrighteous in order. You will realize the true meaning of our “Righteous” ancestors message “Know Thy Self.” All our great ancestors before the onslaught of the White race were not “Righteous.” They were just as wick as the unrighteous rulers and people the past 35,000 years which the last 6000 years have been ruled by the White race.

    The new age coming or now being ushered in will belong to the Yellow man. He will be the new ruler’s of this planet for a time like other’s. Their’s will be unlike the White race rule wherein the Yellow man is not a meddler in other races cultural affairs. He will relate and inter into agreements with other races but unlike the White race rulers he values honor in business dealings, and exchanges of culture values. He is not wick with deceptive tactics designed to control and ultimately conquer others. There is nothing new under the Sun.

    The Black Race days of ruler ship under the Sun was not all righteous. If it was we as a race would still be rulers of this planet. In spite of that truth being empirically so, many aware Black conscience individuals ignore this truth in their honorable reeducation of the Black man and woman here in America. We are the Alpha and Omega of humanity which is an unspoken truth hidden in all of today’s Western and Eastern ideology systems.

    When we close ranks as a race / people (like other’s) we will began to reclaim our status as civilized men worthy of self ruler-ship. Until then Sister stay in the struggle and keep up the good fight to reclaim the Black race honor and respectability among the Righteous of this planet.

  18. Hey, this article is very informative. Its sad that we have to wonder what these folk did to get to the top. I wonder if Bill Cosby pissed some of these members off? Al Sharpton is easy to spot to me as carring out the white man’s agenda because he invites himself in these situations where young black men are being killed by white cops and he always seems to make things worse. What about Benjamin Crump? Anyway, the NAACP was started by Khazarian/Ashekenazi Jews in 1909 to cause more tension between whites and blacks and a black man wasn’t appointed until 1974. The Jews started all of this and they are still running everything til this day for their own sick agenda and if these black uppity folk think that they are spared then they are wrong. We all need to come together in the black community. Also, do you think that the constant murder of black/latino people by white officers is done by design for some type of agenda??

    • Thanks SB. Yes I know about the Jews starting the NAACP. It’s just a way to control the black masses. Black people really should research these so called “black organizations” that are supposed to be helping us. When in reality they are just designed to confuse us. Yes I do think there is an agenda to keep people of color ignorant of their true history,fighting among ourselves and keep us in poverty. We really need to WISE up! We got to get hip to the game! These evil elite groups are not playing around. We are playing checkers while these guys are playing chess! Know what I mean?

  19. This is a very interesting and informative blog. And I might add I wasn’t aware of Dubois and Garvey being at odds with each other. However, we still can’t take away the valuable contributions Dubois made to Black Folks in America. Also, one could argue that maybe Dubois was using a means to justify an end, by establishing Boule; when he realized he was disillusion he left an went to live his final days in Ghana. Which is ironic, if in fact he was against Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa movement.

    • Yes that’s true. Dubois treated Garvey horrible! He hated everything Garvey stood for. They had a very bad feud. Then when he was dying he wanted to go back to Mother Africa. least he had a change of heart at the end. Wish he would’ve realized his mistake sooner though. Better late than never right?

  20. …Great Post Kushite, & Caught A Most Interesting Anecdote Concerning The Harvey Movement…DuBois Opposing..? Well, Not That Suprising As There Are Always Those Willing To Be The Devils Chess Piece….

    • Thanks a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think this information is very important. It amazes me how many black people have never heard of the Boule. It proves many of us are still in the dark about a lot of things. We really need to wake up.

  21. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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    • Thanks a lot brother. I appreciate the shout out. And this is a vry informative post. It’s so wrong what how they did Sandra. I appreciate you for getting word out. Much respect to you. Your hard work is always appreciated.

  23. Knowledge is powerful and powerFULL! A great breakdown and so explains alot. The pieces of the puzzle in my thirst and quest for TRUTH is coming together on time as scheduled! We give thanks and so appreciative of the truth that is being shared here. So looking forward to Part 2 and am so compelled to share. Our people need all the help we can get to elevate the inevitable awakening of the Black Nation! Black Universal Power in spite of the Boule for we are rising! In love respect and peace…1B8M strong!

  24. Hello folks
    If you want to understand what is wrong with Blacks serving Satan as slaves in the kigdom of Satan ( of course the Book of Daniel tells who are the peoples entitled to rule in darkness and the satanic Blacks are not among the rulers but among the tail of the old serpent) quickly dowload for free two sets of audio messages available for free on youtube
    Just google “Where is the African spirit” for the first set of 16 audio messages
    Then google “Black Africa’s Destiny” for the second set of 6 audio messages
    Fill free to share these messages with all the Blacks around the world
    Rev. Apostle Joseph TOUBI

    • Tail of the serpent?? So you’re saying there’s a biblical reason why black people are in the Boule? Hmmmmm…..interesting comment. I’ll allow the comment and let my followers do the research themselves. Then they can come to their own conclusion. Thanks for the comment though.

  25. The Boule is a JEWISH qabala org and Judaism, TODAY, is demonic; many of these ‘blacks’ are Mk’d via sodomy and other pain methods of planting those MK critters. (‘daimons’ socalled have strong mind control abilities; this is also in Othello Act 1 scene 3 “Through potions and spells…”; many ‘Muslims’ are simply crypto Jews. (IMHO, Ethiopians are the likely true Jews.)

    See hard evidence, from several lenses here:

  26. Kushite!! I hope you still write man!! This article is incredible. One of things I keep in mind and which is why I am solely against school, not education, but school is because these were organized institutions designed to keep us from self-improvement.



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