History is a People’s Memory

I really think this generation has lost their mind. This is a shame to see our people at such a low level mindset. We got to do better.

14 thoughts on “History is a People’s Memory

      • That’s a hot site you got brother! I like that! A real cool layout. Right now I’m on only on Youtube,Twitter and WordPress. I’m not that familiar with Tumblr. I need to check it a little more though. It looks interesting.

      • That would be cool. I hear that there is a big network of us on Tumblr. My goal is to get us organizing rather than talking. I recently started so not too many followers, but I’m following some pretty interesting people and the promises are endless.

        Though, be careful–a lot of this stuff is pornographic, lol.

      • Porn??Yeah not really my thing.lol But thanks for the heads up. If there’s a growing following I’ll be sure to check it for sure. It’s all about making connections and putting in the work. We got to make moves,you know?

      • http://fyeahblackhistory.tumblr.com/


        http://el-kemet.tumblr.com/ (plays music)






        Those I am following. I remember seeing some others that were pretty fly too.

        With regard the ‘porn,’ a lot of us ain’t got too much sense . . . so we’re promoting “Blackness” which is sometimes nude–or pornographic. But I’m not going to say being hit with beautiful women will hurt me. I just don’t publicly follow. 😉

        Also a lot of Sisters are promoting naturalness. I’m not about that as a theme, but it’s whatever.

      • Those are some pretty nice sites. I feel what you’re saying. When I think of porn I think of Hustler and Penthouse magazine. You know the real gross sex scenes. Never been a fan. I’m all for naturalness as it pertains to hair and things like that. I can appreciate a beautiful woman’s body as well. Just as long as it doesn’t go overboard depicting sex acts. All that lesbian and gay stuff I can do without.

      • Well, just a fair warning–there’s the sex acts and the lesbian and gay crap . . .. I mean–somethings you ain’t seen before . . . . but it’s more or less the kind of thing you find if you’re looking for it.

        Not that I was looking for it; but certain searches are a bit more adult than others–and gay folk can trespass.

        I mean–I ain’t the sort to search those things–but you wonder just what’s allowed on tumblr and . . . well . . . you regret it.

        Plus, some people ‘reblog’ things that make you wonder what in the world is their agenda. A brother who reblogged one of my things had nude Indian women while he was talking about Melanin and yadda yadda . . ..

        Dr. Clarke told us some of us are perpetrating a fraud. What I’m saying is–it’s probably easier to find people on tumblr, but there’s also a lot of fraudsters.

        Anyway, stay true Brother.

      • What?? That’s crazy! You there will always be infiltrators. You just have to keep your third eye open at all times. There’s some real sick bastards on the internet. White supremacists,pedophiles,porn addicts,homosexuals etc. I’ve encountered some very strange “people” on the internet. And watch out for these fake Afrocentric folks. There’s plenty of them. But as you said,just stay true to yourself. Dr Clarke was right.

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