4 thoughts on “Can Non Violence work?

  1. Prince:

    Doesn’t the US flag with the eagle have the arrow on one claw and the fig leaf on the other? They’re practically telling us “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

    AmeriKlan WILL have another civil war; it’s been coming for a long time now. That’s why whites are practicing and buying ten of millions of guns and ammo. This country was founded, built and made stinking rich off of the blood of Aboriginals…why stop now?

      • Also, AmeriKlan has proven that empathy isn’t interweaved in it’s “traditions.”

        What they are best at is bombing and raping brown people and forcing others to bend to their will.

      • They have no empathy for no one. This is all about globalization and stealing resources from other countries. They have to first get your support by demonizing the leader of that country. It’s the same old playbook. And for some strange reason the people(sheep) buy it every time.

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