Umar Johnson- Interracial Relationships(White Supremacy Refinement)

This is a great interview with Umar Johnson. He explains how interracial relationships don’t benefit black people in the long run. He also explains how white supremacy hasn’t gone anywhere–it’s just refined.

23 thoughts on “Umar Johnson- Interracial Relationships(White Supremacy Refinement)

  1. Dr. Johnson makes strange assertions which does not hold water. No Afro-Chinese Nigerian child is going to be raised up as Chinese to be a pawn of Chinese ‘yellow peril’. Actually the opposite occurs, they latch onto African-ness and diminish their non-African ancestry. I don’t know where he got his information from but hundreds of years of Afro-non-Afro intermarriage in the Caribbean disproves his entire thesis.

    • I think he’s talking about the fear that many in interracial relations take the money out of the black community. He’s also talking about rich black men who marry white and other non black women and then when he dies—-that money leaves the black community.
      And I believe many times the only reason biracial black/asian people go to the black side is because Asians usually don’t accept kids mixed with black as truly asian. At least this what I’ve seen when I was in high school. I knew about six black/asian kids back then. And they told me that the asian community did not accept them. So these kids are black by default. It all goes back to that one drop rule from slavery.. Do you know of any asians that see Tiger Woods as asian? I don’t. Maybe you’ve seen something different but this has been my experience.

  2. I want to replace white supremacy with a system of justice. I have no idea what you want. We can agree to disagree,makes no difference to me. But for the record, I think you have at least one white parent. I don’t you’re fully asian,right? You seem a bit white-identified. You don’t relate to the oppressed as much as you claim.

  3. @ Your Highness

    This is “The Formula” that many follow here….seek out black based blogs and try to disrupt them and call them racist. It’s happened to me many times in the past. If it gets too disruptive, ban them.

  4. If ALL brothas and sistas thought like Dr Umar Johnson, interracial relationships would not exist to destroy black unity and feed the gender war that is causing resentment between brothas and sistas. Interracial relationships only serve to cause division. When brothas and sistas turn away from each other and into the destructive arms of Europeans, Asians and Indians, it weakens the morale of our people. Rejection harms black males and black females. This is why we must begin to shut out black people in interracial relationships because they have nothing but contempt for the beauty of Black & Black Love.

    The children born from these illicit relationships are confused souls whose divided mindset cannot be trusted. Bi-racial children grow up amongst black children believing they are more special because they are mixed and therefore have the colour, features and hair that is considered by mainstream society to be the best representation of black beauty. Black children will measure their own looks against the looks of bi-racial children and if they don’t measure up, self-hate sets in. This is why it is so important for us to keep interracial relationships OUT of our neighbourhoods. If a brotha or sista has a European partner… send them to live amongst Europeans; if a brotha or sista has an Asian partner… send them to live amongst Asians; if a brotha or sista has an Indian partner send them to live amongst Indians.

    Black people in IRs are disrespecting their own people when they bring their foreign partners into our neighbourhoods to live amongst us and expect us not to have a problem with it. How can we ever hope to become a unified people if we continue to welcome and support the betrayers of our people who care NOTHING for black unity?

    • I understand what you’re saying. I have family members in interracial relationships. I think it causes division between our people. You can’t have unity making babies with other races. It just doesn’t work. It causes more confusion than anything.

    • Im bi racial black mom white father. I was raised by my mother no confusion on my part I spent time with both sides of my family and I grew up proud of my European and my African heritage I never saw a reason to be confused, im bi racial and thats that. I grew up in all black neighborhood went to all black schools from elementary through high school nevwr had an issue with anyone. People inquired about my nationality and I told them and that’s where it ended. I never identified with one or the other because I am both and that’s the way i was born. But if I decide to be proud of who I am and proud that im bi racial then im accused of thinking im better than black peopl. And the weird thing is that I read comments or blogs or see videos where people state exactly what you did in this comment but I’ve never actually experienced this in my community and im from the deep south so you knw how that can be. I respect your opinion but again im offering you another view from actual experience. Im sure there are communities and people that have dealt with identify issues due to being bi racial but you worded this as if all bi racial children grow up “confused souls” and that issimply not ttrue at all

      • Thank you for your story. You’re correct, not everyone has the same experience. But I still don’t believe whites and blacks marrying/dating helps black folks in the long run. It just causes more confusion when trying to fight racism. I still stand by that statement. Interracial marriage does NOT create racial harmony. That’s a fallacy many fall for.

    • You are totally correct! I find many black social media sites and blog get hit with a flood of fake black imposters and undercover white racist to promote disruption and confusion and calling blacks racist when it’s impossible to be a black racist considering black have no power to effect all whites in a racist manner that take resources that deprive their livelihood. When blacks come together to discuss our conditions and salvation white come too to fuck it up and it’s funny how we fall for it by responding and going back and forth with a white racist that know more about us then we do and damn sure know about their racist paradigm that control us all however they play dumb and reverse victims diverting blame.

  5. First off, A-rab is a very offensive way to pronounce the Arabic speaking world. #2 how are inter-racial people confused? Is it not from the conditioning of others? Humans are human and the idea of racial division is a construct of the European expansion, therefor his thesis is severely flawed and in fact a call back to segregation.

  6. Dr. Umar Johnson made it clear and on point. I am always against interracial relationships. They tend to have hidden agendas behind it. Dr. Umar Johnson…..job well done my brotha.

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