King Lo explains the Self Hatred Mindset

This is a great video by King Lo. He talks about self hatred and anti blackness among our people. He also talks about rappers Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. And how they got plastic surgery to alter their bodies in a quest for “perfection”. It’s really shows just how deep this sickness runs.

3 thoughts on “King Lo explains the Self Hatred Mindset

  1. Yes Prince, It hurts my soul. But money is their god. And to get paid they have to alter themselves. But I honestly think these women are damaged on the inside. They did’nt have people in their lives to love and reinforce they were beautiful. It starts as a little girl if knowbody tells you early on that you are loved and valued, This self hatred is incubated in you soul, mind, spirit. It gives birth to this monster self hate.

    • That’s true. These celebs only care about money. That’s why they sold their soul for fame and fortune. They better enjoy it because they will regret it in the end. Your soul and self respect is worth more than that.

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