Loer Velocity- Hood Diet

I love this video by Loer Velocity. This video is very educational. When was the last time you saw a rap video that talked about the horrible food black people eat?? Since when? Never right? We need more videos like this on television. I think it would educate kids as well as adults about eating better.

10 thoughts on “Loer Velocity- Hood Diet

  1. I like that! I was grocery shopping in a nicer part of town, You know like Central Market and Whole Foods. I can’t aford any of that but i got some beautiful fruits and vegtables cost me a grip. But Ibelieve this done on purpose. They want to kill us by puting bad produce in poor neighborhoods. I can’t help but think this is deliberate. All the fresh green herbs and fruits and vegtables. The snotty white folks turning their noses up at me like I was some disease. I tell you Prince I think they are truly planning our demise. We black people better wake up and see what’s unfolding right before our eyes. We need to take care of our bodies and minds. They place all the garbage that will steal and kill our wellbeing.

  2. Peace. Thanx for the post. It’s all about respect for self & educating one another for me….better schools and produce leads to a more productive people. Imo

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