In Mekong Delta,Vietnam eating Rats is a real treat! YUCK!

In parts of Vietnam,this:

Becomes this:

Makes you hungry,right?lol I try to be open mined when it comes to the food other cultures eat. But eating rats just doesn’t sound very tasty to me. I’ve even heard some Chinese restaurants don’t always serve chicken or pork. Sometimes it’s a different “animal”. That’s why I gave up fast food altogether.Over the last few years I slowly starting cutting back on chicken,beef and pork. After I found out most of the “food” at the grocery store is processed GMO food. We all have to be very conscious of what we put in our body. Your body is your temple and like the old saying goes “You are what you eat”. It’s very true. Do your own research about the chemicals they put in the food. I say go organic as much as possible. Be safe out there and know what you’re eating. Don’t trust the FDA either. They’ve been known to lie from time to

14 thoughts on “In Mekong Delta,Vietnam eating Rats is a real treat! YUCK!

  1. How come they can sit there and eat that stuff with no problem. I offten wonder about those that love to eat stuff that isn’t suppose to be in the body. But I guess that is what a mutation life style is all about. These people are not human. We as of black people are sometime being unhuman when we animal’s when we are not suppose to well. This is an interesting post.

      • That Is not being Human. These people can’t possibly be human If they are eating RAT N DOG. So I begg to differ. I guess you wouldn’t mind eatting RAT’S N DOGS for you liking, . And HUE means Color. And these people don’t have any…

      • Then there are many rat eating people who are also ‘not human’ including some from Mexico, India, Ghana, Hawaii, Polynesia, Australia and African slaves in the American South []. It is curious that you would espouse Eurocentric anti-rat consuming sentiment. There was no need to mention dogs but since you did, there are Africans, Native Americans, Indians, Polynesians, and Europeans like the Swiss [] who are again, ‘not human’. If it is logical to classify someone as ‘not human’ because you disagree with what they eat, then it is easy to classify Africans as sub-human and worthy of exploitation by slavery. These may be eating customs brought on by famine for all we know. I didn’t mention anything about hue but pale non-Europeans have substantial melanin potential even if it isn’t obvious.

      • well I guess these are the STRANGE PEOPLE that GOD is talking about and staying away from these kind’s of people. Because they don’t have HUEMAN morals to do something that is normal. This isn’t normal It is fairly discussting.. Thank’s for hearing me out. Though.

  2. Oh Lord! You just don’t know what the heck you are eating in these so called chinese buffets. They are telling us it’s chicken and it’s probably rats. I cook my own food at home now days. Nasty just nasty.

    • I agree. I have my own garden now. If you can’t grow your own food at least try to eat organic food. And read the labels of everything you eat. You have to protect your family against the lies the FDA tells us.

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