The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

Well packaged, the book contains 334 pages of fully documented text including 1,275 footnotes, from more than 3,000 sources. Most of the sources, if not all, were collected from Jewish historical literature.

As a research document, the book is not what you would call an easy read, however, with a fully annotated index, and clearly descriptive sections and subject titles, the book is surprisingly easy to navigate. The editors detailed clearly all references consistently linked by sparse journalistic narratives intended to enhance clarity while not distracting the reader from the information contained within.

One area of note is the abolitionist movement, of which Jewish scholars ostensibly claim membership. On page 147 the Historical Research Department clearly shows using Jewish sources, that those involved in the abolitionist movement were few, and those who did stand against the institution of slavery “were scorned and rebuked – most harshly by their own brethren in the synagogue.”

There is an additional point of interest identified through the research of the Historical Research Department. It is shown that those who did stand against the spread of slavery did so because of the threat it presented to their jobs and economic well being. This is a central difficulty and one that cannot be easily countered by the Jewish thought control organizations, since many who decried this book as anti-Semitic, cited the fact that Jews were apart of the abolitionist movement as a defense.

There is no denying that they were a part of the abolitionist movement. Similarly, there is no denying that members of the Jewish community were involved in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, however, the motivation behind the involvement must be brought to light. Interestingly enough, their involvement appears motivated by self-interests and not compassion and concern.

In exhaustive detail, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews provides geographic records beginning with the infamous Columbus voyages, and dealing with Jews and slavery in Brazil, Surinam, Barbados, Curacao and Jamaica. Jewish Slavery in Colonial North America, the South, and Jewish involvement in the Civil War.

Jewish court records, port records and wills of Jewish slave owners were used. The names of ships, their owners and in many cases, their cargo, were listed and presented in an easy to understand format. Not only is the information easy to read, but using Jewish sources also eliminates the accusation of fraud – unless of course the Jewish scholars maintain that their research in this matter is shoddy and fraudulent.

Given the volatility of the subject, it is obvious why a book approaching this area would be controversial, however as the number of those having read the book has grown over the years, it has produced in many areas, as the editor’s note stated “an opportunity to develop a more equitable relationship between the families of man.”

One of the most controversial books of the decade, this book is one that you must own in order to be considered, up to date and well-educated regarding historical realities. The scholarly treatment of this subject by the Historical Research Department is unmatched.

7 thoughts on “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

  1. Damn! You beat me to it! LOL!

    I will repost this, Prince. Excellent work as always! Prince did you ever see this movie called Space Traders? Robert Guillame(sp?) plays a House Negro who gives a great speech.

    In one part of the film, which I’ll post for you, a Jew defends blacks. Listen to what the brother has to say about that…..

    Let me know how you like it.

    • Yeah I beat you to it!lol. Actually in your other post you were discussing the Protocol book and it got me thinking about this book. I think this book is very informative considering all the documents it has. This book has documents that can’t be disputed.
      Yes I’ve heard of that film Space Traders. I have never seen the entire film. Only parts that I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ve been trying to find the DVD but its almost impossible. Let me know if you know where I can get a copy. I’ve heard that in the film aliens come to earth. And they offer to give white people all the food and resources in exchange for letting them take blacks back to their planet. I find this a very interesting premise. Do you think white people would go for this in real life? I doubt it.
      I haven’t heard the video clip yet. I’ll have to check it out and tell you what I think.

      • Whites would do it if another minority group can take our place at the bottom of the totem pole. I can’t seem to find the entire video…anywhere.

        I’ve only read excerpts of this book but I definitely need to read it. What I find funny is how most Jews deny their role in the slave trade. But they play up their role in the Civil Rights Movement.

      • I think you’re right. If they could replace us with Mexicans or Puerto ricans they probably would do it. Whoever it may be,whites always feel as though they must dominate over somebody else.
        I bought this book about five years ago. It is really eye opening. You would enjoy it. It has documented facts that they can’t deny.

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