20 thoughts on “Which Doll is smarter?

  1. Every time I see this I cringe. I just re read the MisEducation of the Negro again and it rings truer and truer. I’m sad that our kids are growing up to be Eurocentrized. It’s brainwashing on a massive scale and it takes years to undo.

    I was reading this article once that stated if a black child is given to a white master up to the age of seven, the damage will be so great, it will last them a lifetime.

  2. I have issues with non black people adopting black children, because they will be ignorant about their culture. It’s important for black children to have a positive self image . If not then the above picture happens.

    • I agree. I did a post about white celebs adopting black babies last month. I think it’s a way for white people to raise black children who will not fight against white supremacy. They want to brainwash them while they’re young.

    • True indeed.. Are you familiar with the author Runoko Rashidi? I’m sure you are. He may be coming to my bookstore for a lecture. The owner of the store is trying to book him for next month. I’d love to meet the brother. He’s an amazing historian on African culture.

      • I passed over the opportunity. I know a crowd of Africans who heard more lecturers than most, but as to rallying African people, they have not in years.

        We pretend like we are liberated, when really we’re just enslaved people who don’t so much as dream of liberty any longer.

        I want us to dream again. If it means sacrificing my time and energy to light that spark, so be it.

        Enjoy your lecture. But Brother pass on the message of dreaming.

      • I’ve been to a few lectures myself. I’ve met Sara Suten Seti,Michelle Alexander and Umar Johnson. I know exactly what you mean though. Many times we go to these lectures and feel good about the information we get. But don’t apply it to real life. Is that what you mean?

      • “You must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.”

        – Marcus Garvey

        Looking at my own life, I would put the difference between lip-service and service as sacrifice. What “sacrifice” is made going to lectures, reading books, writing opinions–even giving lectures? What sacrifice?

        Yesterday I spent hours talking to people on the streets, rejected by nearly all of them. When I called up a friend and slipped a negative opinion, she offered a correction to my demeanor. My body was in pain, my ego was bruised, but here she was, not two minutes devoted the whole day, telling me what I did wrong. I wasn’t bright to respond to her as I did, certainly not, but it comes back to Marcus Garvey’s quotation.

        Attend a lecture, certainly, but see in faces who dreams of liberation and take that opportunity to its end. If we only attend lectures, discuss, and wait for the next, we’re only making noise. We must make sacrifices, then my work becomes easier and liberation comes that much more quickly.

      • I feel you. No one wants to sacrifice anything. They just want to hear lectures about the evil white man and how he stole our history. It makes us feel good to know we were kings and queens in the past. But then there’s no action. We could have liberation if we could get past our cowardice. Am I right?

      • “Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep.”

        — KMT Proverb

        I spent a lot of energy in tomorrow’s post, but I am very satisfied with it. I hope that many, many Africans read it.

        I hear that Cowardice is one thing, but there’s a matter of African Consciousness being unknown to our people. You can listen to 3,000 African lecturers and never hear African Consciousness; in this our task is upon us. A Coward, to me, is one without Knowledge of Self.

      • Can’t wait to read your post. You always drop a lot of knowledge. If cowards are people without knowledge of self—I’m afraid I know a lot of cowards. I always thought that if people were more conscious they wouldn’t be cowards. Of course I found out different.

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