From Niggas to Gods Part One

Excerpt: So, here we are. Here we are, the Mothers and Fathers of Supreme Civilization, living within the most self-destructive uncivilized state of mind, called “Nigga”. “Nigga” is a state of mind that leads to a state of existence. ” Nigga” is a state of mind and existence in which we live. so here we are

How did we get here? We have not always lived within this state of mind. We once lived within a state of mind that produced Supreme Black Excellence, and Supreme Black Genius. Our Ancestors called this state of mind and state of existence “God”. We were all divine Gods and Goddesses, but Children of the most high God, who serves as our Master Teacher toward the divinity within our own nature.

Well as you know, we are no longer existing on the level of ” God and Goddesses”, we are now existing on the level of “Niggas”. We have been psychologically, biologically, and therefore spiritually reduced from “Gods to Niggas”. We have destroyed and reduced to dust.

Look, all of this tragedy is true, but wait! Today is a good day! Today is a new day! This is the beginning of our re-contruction. The day of our destruction is over.
This book is by author Akil. Trust me,it’s not like any other book you’ve ever read!

10 thoughts on “From Niggas to Gods Part One

  1. So how do we go from being queens and kings to niggas. That is such a disgusting word. I have the book nigger, The strange case of a troublesome word. Randall Kennedy. Prince, are you familiar with that book.

    • Yes I have that book by Randall Kennedy. It was given to me as a gift. I have over 200 books in my library so people give me books all the It really was a fascinating book. You’re right,it’s a disgusting word indeed.

  2. This book seem like it’s a really good read. I have heard of this book in my younger twentie’s. And I was told that both part of the book’s are good, I guess I have to either rent the book or buy the book’s online to get the real full benefit on a real good read. Thank’s for posting this one up…

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