Watoto From the Nile- Gabby Douglas Tribute

I thought this was a cute song by Watoto from the Nile. It’s a nice tribute to Gabby Douglas. They have a lot of positive and uplifting rap songs for young black girls.They do many songs about having black pride and black unity. Of course because of this they don’t get a lot of press from the mainstream media.

3 thoughts on “Watoto From the Nile- Gabby Douglas Tribute

  1. Prince, That was beautiful. Now that is something wonderful and positive. I pray more little black girls will be inspired by young MIss Gabby. I pray more young black princesses and princes will make a positive mark in society and they will not be ignored.

    • I agree Mary. Our kids need more positive images of themselves. These young girls are really talented. There’s too much violence,sex,vulgarity and glorification of drug use in rap music today. Kids don’t need to see negative stereotypes of their people in music videos. That’s why BET and MTV won’t show rappers like this. They won’t to keep our people in an ignorant mind state.

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