Meditation(Kemetic Style)

Kemetic rituals are based on the belief system popularly associated with the cultures of ancient Kemet(Egypt). Based primarily on the text now known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Kemetic meditation focuses on invoking the associations and powers of the gods Ausar and Auset. The gods and goddesses of the Kemetic pantheon have multiple overlapping aspects; it is important, before practicing any type of Kemetic ritual, to become familiar with the incarnations and associations of the various gods and goddesses. The article “Kemetic Mysticism: Daily Shems Program” on the Kemetic Yoga Association website suggests that you first become familiar with the spiritual texts and teachings that form the core of Kemetic ritual, and then begin your meditation with Kemetic yoga, a series of postures that invoke the spiritual journey of life, death and transcendence attributed to the god Ausar and the goddess Auset. The article describes the word “shems” as a term used in ancient Kemet to describe a follower of a spiritual path. After performing this ritual, you should feel energized yet calm and ready to begin your meditation. You can either choose to meditate on an aspect of the divine that you wish to manifest in your life, or you can recite a series of chants that praise the experiences and wisdom of the gods and goddesses.

4 thoughts on “Meditation(Kemetic Style)

    • That’s true.Effects of meditation come in many different forms from the psychological effects of meditation to the physiological effects of meditation. Although there have been many different studies into the effects of meditation it has only been recently that the professionals in the field of science medicine have started to take notice of the positive effects of meditation.

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