Great post! I’ve been wanting to do a post about this for awhile.

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Here are a series of videos about the legalized extermination of African people in America. As a product of  Western Society we often are indifferent to the horrors perpetrated against us and against each other on the other side of the waters. Due to our Eurocentric edumcation and plain self hate and stupidity, we ASSume or try to rationalize that this is happening to them and not us. Everyday right in front of our eyes, people who consider themselves superior have embarked on an agenda of systemic genocide. Now the term conspiracy theory has become the throw away line used by those who are bothered when others like myself strive to point out certain acts committed against us specifically, but also against those considered inferior by the agenda makers. Most of those are the ethnic groups that often use us as buffer between the wrath of White Supremacy. They feel that if the Supremacists Ire is wielded against us they…

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  1. This Is a shame I didn’t even know that you can get this many abortions. However I have to agree with thte person that made this video. There should be minimual abortions that a women should get. And then the next time she comes and get one they will look at her chart. And then they will let that person know. Now If it come’s to the pill then they shouldn’t be Intitled to that nither. Because she already mad some mistake’s now she just have to deal with what she have. And this should be a strong lesson for these young girls.

    • Abortion is just one of the tools they use to kill off our people. They’ve had this plan in motion for years. We have to fight against this and inform our people of what’s going on. We can’t be sitting ducks while they try to kill our people.

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