Lolo Jones: The Tragic Mulatto?

I find this to be a very interesting video on Lolo Jones. Do you think she was manipulating the media? Or playing the victim for some type of advantage?Hmmm……what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Lolo Jones: The Tragic Mulatto?

  1. Hey Prince, You know I don’t know what to make of Lolo Jones. I think she is using the media for her benefit. I don’t know what she is like as an athelete. Maybe she is the Anna Kournicova of track and field. Anna Kournicova was’nt much of a tennis player but because of her so called good looks. The white folks gave her a pass. It did’nt matter that the Williams sisters were beautiful black women and talented athelets. I think she is cashing in on her physical apperance. The white media is playing the colorism game. It is all very effed up to me. Black people are just going to have to learn what going on and not fall for the foolishness of the white media. We as a people are going to have to raise above the foolishness.

    • Yeah Anna was very over rated! They never wanted to give Venus and Serena their due until they beat everyone’s butt!lol But there’s no doubt that Lolo’s “exotic look” helped her get a push from the media. The “mixed other” is always better than black–in white eyes.

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