6 thoughts on “The Help was full of racism!

  1. I hate these movies with a passion!!! Whites love the degradation of blacks and will use the cinema to propagandize their hatred. This winter, I’m not looking forward to Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

    • Tarantino+ Slavery= Disaster! I have a really bad feeling about this film. Tarantino likes to drop the “N word” in his films a lot. He should steer clear of slave epics. I can’t stand that little weasel!

  2. The central character was of course European and the anti-African racism was simply a foil of self-exploration for the European female as if there would be no reason for concern about the legacy of African slavery if this one European girl did not want to know how to be a better house slave.

    • You’re right.Usually whenever a black,Hispanic or asian gets praise from a film in Hollywood—I know it’s going to be stereotypical. They love to reinforce negative stereotypes. They’re very slick in how they do it. You need a keen eye to catch it sometimes.

  3. Well the trailer for Django had me feeling some kind of way. I had Jamie Foxx kicking the slavemaster’s butt. I like Tarantinto’s films but I find myself kind of whincing when the N word is used so much. I just have to see.

    • It lures you in by making you THINK it will be about kicking white ass. But Hollywood is very sneaky with their anti-blackness. We’ll have to wait and see. The jury is still out.

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