Blacks in Science

Providing an overview of the lost sciences of Africa and of contributions that blacks have made to modern American science, Blacks in Science presents a range of new information from Africanists. The book also includes bibliographical guides that are crucial to further research and teaching.

The lineaments of a lost science are now emerging and we can glimpse some of the once buried reefs of this remarkable civilization. A lot more remains to be revealed. But enough has been found in the past few years to make it quite clear that the finest heart of the African world receded into the shadow while its broken bones were put on spectacular display. The image of the African, therefore, has been built up so far upon his lowest common denominator. In the new vision of the ancestor, we need to turn our eyes away from the periphery of the primitive to the more dynamic source of genius in the heartland of the African world.

4 thoughts on “Blacks in Science

  1. You know Prince white people would say there are no blacks in this field. Dr. Neil Degrasse is another brillant brother. You have do some research on Dr. Christian Head. It is such a shame how they are treating this man. He is an surgeon in oncology. You have to read about this it’s just shameful an accomplished brother in his field. I’m telling you Prince it will make your blood boil. check it out.

  2. This is a great post. Our people are brilliant and many blacks as well as whites don’t care to learn about this. I think all they know it George Washing ton Carver and many still are ignorant about him. I’m all about the knowledge brother.

    • Thanks,I’m glad you like it. If you type in “Inventors” in my search box you’ll see my post about black inventors. It’s a very nice list of mostly unknown black people. I was not taught about most of them in school.

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