Black Man of The Nile

Black Man of the Nile and His Family, first published in 1972, is Dr. Ben’s best known work. It captures much of the substance of his early research on ancient Africa. In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose “Europeanized” African History. He points up the distortion after distortion made in the long record of African contributions to world civilization. Once exposed he attcks these distortions with a vengence, providing a spellbinding corrective lesson in our story.

11 thoughts on “Black Man of The Nile

  1. This book look’s very Interesting to read. Tell me kush what is your view’s about
    this wonderful book. I am guessing It may tell the storie’s of the first black family and how thing’s got started. Iam kind of curious to know your point in this

    • I’m surprised to see you here!lol Glad you came by. It’s a great book. Dr Ben shows all the things the school system wont teach you about African history. It’s very educational and a must read.

      • LOL actually I been here I just been under another Name lol ” JUWANNA 🙂 I just thought I come through today as myself. Thank’s for your Intake I am going to have to check out the book…

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