4 thoughts on “Dorothy Dandridge

  1. This Is a very nice picture of Dorthey. I have never seen her photo
    In colore which I have only seen In black n white. Thank’s for posting this photo.

    • Yes,Dorothy was a true beauty. When they talk about old school movie stars they always mention Liz Taylor,Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. But Dorothy and Lena Horne never get mentioned. They always gloss over our people in the limelight.

      • You know you are right about that. And that is sad., as much as our people have put their time and energy. Into the media. they didn’t care at all. That just let us know that they see only thier people as the light , fame and beauty of the world. yeah they may give us jobs but they don’t have to really deal with us either, I guess that goes to show you the nature of the beast that is. You have a nice Blog here.

      • I hear you. We never get our just due. But regardless,we push on in spite of their ignorance of our greatness. Glad you like my blog. I put a lot of work into it.

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