6 thoughts on “The Haitian Revolution

  1. No wonder the french are forever angry with the Africans! And did you hear that commentator say that witchcraft was the reason for the earthquake? I find that funny since AmeriKlan was built on Freemasonry.

    • You’re right. That’s why they keep Haiti so poor to this very day. They hate the fact that it was a a revolution won by African people. And they keep Haiti in poverty. Remember after that earthquake in Haiti a few years ago,you notice all the white celebs that came to “aid” the Haitian children. I don’t buy it one bit. There’s always an angle with them. They always have a motive when they get involved. It’s the “white savior” syndrome all over again.

  2. Prince, This is excellent. I was just reading some information about Toussaint L”overture. I have been interested in reading about Hatian culture. When the earthquake hit Hati, All the celebrities were on television being talking heads. We don’t hear anything about helping this nation that is so desperate for help. But I guess that’s the American way. They have totally forgooten about these people.

    • You’re absolutely correct! You know how they do things. Have you ever seen the mini series Feast of All Saints? It was a book by Ann Rice about the Haiti Revolution. Here’s a clip:

    • Yes I’m sure the book was better. The miniseries was very melodramatic. At the beginning of the film it portrays the Haitians as the bad guys,when in fact they were killing their oppressive slave masters. Hollywood loves to distort reality. It’s what they do best.

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