2 thoughts on “Tribute to Sistas with Natural Hair

  1. I’ve decided to keep my hair natural a few months back and I’ve only just realised how ridiculous some black women look with weave! (Tell me why you are a full grown black woman and you have shoulder length blonde locks?) It’s actually quite disturbing what I see on the streets these days. Kudos to all the ladies who keep their hair all naturelle it is actually quite hard because of all the looks other black females give you when they see you as in “can’t that b*tch afford weave?” It really is quite sad that a lot of black women are so uncomfortable with themselves that they have to wear someone else’s hair instead of rocking their would be beautiful natural black hair.

    • I’ve dated women with weaves,natural,braids and locks. I do like the natural look a little more. But the personality and character of the woman is much more important. But I usually let women decide how they want to wear their hair. I know how black woman are about their hair.lol

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