Vacation in the Carolinas! Fun in the sun :)

Just got back from my much needed vacation. I visited North Carolina and Virginia. I mainly went for my family reunion but it was good to get out of California anyway. All the California smog and buildings can get old after awhile. The traffic is insane out here!I needed a break from the concrete jungle. The change of scenery was really nice. The south has such beautiful scenery. So many trees and plants to look at. I could do without all the bugs though. The gnats were relentless!lol But it was good to see family and friends again. I think I’ll go next year. Like most vacations though,it was much too short. Good to be back though.

7 thoughts on “Vacation in the Carolinas! Fun in the sun :)

  1. Glad to have you back! I’m a little jealous of your pic…hahahaha!

    I was in Cali on assignment and visited Sac, San Fran, Oakland, Chico and Napa valley. I love it there but yes the traffic is horrible!

      • The islands but my family, some of them, is here now in AmeriKlan. PA , GA, NJ and AZ.

        Cali is very pretty and expensive! My agency set me up with a nice bungalow in old Sacramento. I inquired how much would it be if I purchased it…850,000!!!

        And it was tiny!

        Good grief.

  2. Sacramento is nice. But you’re right,it’s way too expensive living out here. I know 3 friends that have lost their homes and jobs. And many have moved out of California. Without a good job you can’t survive out here. I was born in North Carolina but only lived there until I was 3 years old. I’ve lived in Cali ever since. But there are a lot of things I love about the beautiful countryside down south. I try to visit my family at least twice a year. My family is real tight-knit. So it’s hard for us to be apart for a long time.

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