How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

This is an amazing book by Walter Rodney. He was an amazing author that rarely gets his props. This book is a must for anyone wondering why Africa is in the shape it is now.

4 thoughts on “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

    • Walter Rodney was very brave for writing this book. I think he was marked for death after exposing this truth. In 1974 Rodney returned to Guyana from Tanzania. He was due to take a position as a professor at the University of Guyana but the government prevented his appointment. He became increasingly active in politics, founding the Working People’s Alliance against the PNC government. In 1979 he was arrested and charged with arson after two government offices were burned.

      In June 1980, Rodney was killed by a bomb in his car, a month after returning from the independence celebrations in Zimbabwe and while running for office in Guyanese elections. Rodney was survived by his wife, Pat, and three children. Walter’s brother, Donald, who was injured in the explosion, said that a sergeant in the Guyana Defence Force named Gregory Smith had given Rodney the bomb that killed him. Smith fled to French Guiana after the killing, where he died in 2002.

      It was, and is still widely believed, that the assassination was a set-up by then President Linden Forbes Burnham, while technically hard to prove because of his stature. During the 1970s, Burnham, a hard line socialist (much closer to Communist), continuously rigged elections, and was generally feared by the general populace much like Joseph Stalin in Russia, a country from which Guyana received some assistance , and with which Guyana was on extremely friendly terms .
      Rodney’s death was commemorated in a poem by Martin Carter entitled “For Walter Rodney” and by the dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson in “Reggae fi Radni”.

      • Kushite I’m glad you made this comment. I am Guyanese and lemme tell you, Linden Forbes Burnham was a wicked man. He and the former president of Guyana Bharat Jagdeo all obtained their political science degrees in Russia back when it was still the Soviet Union and you know during that time Communism was the order of the day, and Linden Forbes ruled Guyana with a communist mindset, I could go on for days about the hell that man put Guyana through buy I trust you already did your research on that and don’t get me started on that witch of a wife of his Viola, god rest her soul

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