Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

This a must read for black folks! The black family is under attack right now. The media promotes interracial marriage in film and television. The whole objective is to cause even more division between black men and woman. This book explains the importance of black love. We’re at war! Our very survival is at stake. Jumping into bed with whites wont solve the problem of racism.There’s no way to deny it. You can get this book at

5 thoughts on “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

    • Yes we have our problems. But I disagree that it’s impossible. Even here in California where there are a lot of interracial couples,I still see black couples in love all the time. I think this media produced “gender war” is what keeps black men and women divided. We have to realize that we are under attack. It’s hard to build stable relationships in a system of white supremacy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Or that we should stop trying. We keep striving no matter what they throw at us. Do we just quit? No,I don’t think so.

      • sadly Bobby Hemmitt laid it out when he revealed that the oppressors totally control the material realm, and yet, with these manipulated females, manipulating males into compromising for the sake of cohabitating, and then copulating, this collaboration, in the way of confrontation, remains a mere confabulation.

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