12 thoughts on “The “Real” Statue of Liberty

    • You would be amazed how many black people don’t know this fact. They try to hide everything from us. We have to teach our children the truth. These white folks hide everything that exposes our greatness!

      • Prince:
        My spirit is so in tune with Jah that I can almost communicate with him. Don’t think i’m insane but there’s a secret as to why whites are so desperate to keep the truth from us.

        One day this will be revealed.

  1. We had mastered math,science,astrology and cosmology long before they did. We are the original people on the planet. They already know this. That’s why they lie to black children and only teach them about Greek and Rome all the time. Africa had civilizations long before them. That’s why they make films that make them look so royal and regal. But once people find out we’re the true history makers–their little charade will be over.

      • on a Yaffa Bey tip, the “suspish” in me wonders if the French knew something about the pre-British inhabitants of the land. Also, I always find it strange how “scholars” claim that France (and some other European) countries incorporated, to an extent, the colonised peoples into their landscape. By contrast, Britains legacy has always been about marginalisation and demarcation. i.e. non-whites can never truly be embraced in the equation (cf Pieterse, White On Black et al.)

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