Melanin (God’s Dust)

There are those out there that still believe skin melanin is just an adaptation, which is so far from the truth. The lack of melanin is an adaptation, not the other way around. Skin melanin occurs, according to some authors, as a result of UV rays. UV rays have been around since the beginning of the sun. So what now, are they saying we were white-skinned first? We have no organ functions, no motor functions, no sensory functions, or mental functions that work without melanin. Melanin makes us run, electronically. We are solar beings.
Melanin, as a conductor, transmitter and insulator of energy along the information highway, among many other things, directs the body’s sensors with the aid of the brain. Skin melanin is our barrier. It allows our internal melanin to do the job it was created for, and has the ability to create melanin when needed. The five physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are our sensors to the outside world in response to melanin. The sixth sense is of perception (pineal gland) and it has its connection to the seventh sense, that of individual spirit, the driver in each of us and our level of spirituality. For acquiring external knowledge, the body uses the five sense organs. The sensations experienced by these sense organs are transmitted to the brain. The sensory nerves conduct chemical (electronical) messages via the nerves and are stored in the brain. The requirement for uninterrupted transmission of these senses is to have healthy and properly lubricated nerves.
For example, during common cold, when blockage of olfactory nerve occurs there is a total loss of sensation of smell. The nose is the gateway of the brain and any product introduced through the nostril has immediate access to the brain tissue. Even modern medicine has identified the potential of this path which bypasses the blood brain barrier. Similarly, if there is any kind of blockage in the optic nerve, the sensation of visual experience will be blocked; auditory nerve will result in impaired listening etc.
Glaucoma is now called a neurologic disorder that affects Blacks more than whites, resulting from free radicals in the eye damaging its vital structures – one of which is the the optic nerve that transmits light signals to the brain. Ocular melanin does not renew itself like skin melanin, which has a turnover rate of every 15 days. We generally keep the same ocular melanin we were born with. Proper cleansing (detox) and lubrication to the sense organs can help to improve the oxygenated blood supply and thereby help to improve the physiological functioning of specific sense organs, the gateways to our melanized brain.
Aromatherapy had its origins in the old world especially Kemet(Egypt). No one has been able to duplicate the use of essential oils the Egyptians used in mummification. The Kemetic people were masters in using essential oils and other aromatics in the embalming process.
There must be something to that free will because without it we are all just machines. If we have free will, we have spirit. More melanin makes us more human and thus more spiritual. Having an abundance of melanin allows us to see into higher dimensions, to smell, to taste, to hear and feel more, adding higher dimensions to music, colours, tastes, smells and touch, putting us more in tune with the universe and completely in tune with nature.

13 thoughts on “Melanin (God’s Dust)

    • Thanks,I’m glad you like it. That post you had with Sammy Sosa got me thinking about colorism. So I decided to do one about the beauty of our melanin. We need to embrace who and what we are. We should be proud of our hue,whatever shade. That’s why you have to have hue to be HUE-man. We are the original humans one the planet. We birthed all other races on the planet. It’s been proven by science already.

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  2. I like your article and as infinitealchemist said the last paragraph was very thought-provoking. However it made me kinda sad, since, even though my skin is quite light, I like to think myself as a very spiritual and humane person. Even though when I was a young child, the abilities you listed were much stronger in me, I still like to believe I can see, feel, smell, hear, experience life in an enriching way. I come from an Eastern-European/Balkan country where the majority of people are relatively darker-skinned than I am and I often wish I was a bit more ‘tanned’ as well. Furthermore I currently live in a country in the western society where things like spirituality, feeling and experiencing life as human are not regarded as something important. Trust me, that is very difficult for me! I sometimes feel like I’m suffocating!

    Bottom line, melanin probably does make us more naturally spiritual and human beings but I like to believe that even those of us who don’t have that much melanin, can still be spiritual and natural human beings, if we want to.

    Lovely article. And a very pretty girl on the photo. Where is she from? Do you know?

    • Thank you for your comments. They were very heartfelt. I’m glad you liked the article. I don’t know who this girl is. It’s a random picture I found on the internet. But I agree,she’s very pretty.

  3. incredible post, PROUD TO BE BLACK.
    Although, the great Irony, Superman gets his powers from our Yellow sun, and he is WHITE and yet still white people cannot withstand the sun for too long without the aid of sunscreen and did you know that superman was actually based on the Egyptian character Heru, the son Auset, (BLACK Africans; had to emphasize that point) and to some degree the black Nazerite Jew Samson… just goes to show the levels the albino gorillas will stoop to validate their pitiful existence

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