Mwalimu Baruti- A Warrior’s Character

“Now, we can couch this war in whatever polite terms we want to. But, anyone
even remotely aware of the act of war, openly declared or otherwise, and
ourstory, knows that we have been engaged in a life and death struggle with our
“mortal enemy” for over two thousand years. We are fighting against
eurosupremacy and an attendant destruction that all that is purely Afrikan. It
is Afrikans, and only Afrikans, who are fighting for our survival as a people.
Everyone else, even those pretending to fight for our survival, have ulterior
motives that involve their survival, accompanied by the maintenance and
ascension of their power. Europeans, in particular, but also Arabs, Asians and
any other people who can place themselves in a position to, are doing all in
their power do destroy Afrikan people, Afrikan solvency, Afrikan traditions, the
Afrikan Way. The reasoning is not complicated. They see it as a battle for
power, for global domination, nothing more or less than an attempt to get to or
remain at the top of this planet’s natural resource (including human minds and
bodies) chain. Technically, their only problem with us is that we are
concentrated in a homeland where most of the world’s natural resources are found
and they have to remove us and/or find a way to steal as much of these resources
as they want, while convincing us to proclaim that this rape, that will
eventually leave us with nothing, is welcome. As evidenced many times before in
our dealings with others, their rise to power necessitates a concomitant
reduction of others’ power relative to theirs. They rise because, and only
because, we fall.”

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

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