2 thoughts on “The All Seeing Eye

  1. Prince:
    Now that you’ve opened me up to this ghastly phenomena, i’m sad to see all those brown faces doing the hand signs.

    Are blacks not persecuted enough?
    Why add more fire to our plight with Lucifer as their saviour??

    • That’s true Queen. It’s really heart breaking to see our people following a satanic lifestyle. Since many of our people live in poverty it’s easy for these satanic people in Hollywood and the music industry to get a hold of them. Our people are starving and struggling in ghettos all across this country. When they’re offered a million dollar record deal they don’t care what it takes to get it. They don’t realize all that money and fame is not worth their soul. Your soul is eternal. You can’t just sell it for scraps. Many don’t realize it until they’re way too deep into the industry. By then,it’s too late.

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