Symbols,Numerology and Sex Rituals

The Illuminati are Luciferians or Satanists. They are obsessed with surrounding themselves with their symbolism, believing this symbolism gives them more demonic power – which is why this symbolism may be found surrounding an abduction, particularly if the abducted child is used as a satanic ritual sacrifice.

The modern day Illuminati has as its base, Freemasonry – hence the Masonic compass. Together, the compass and square represent the convergence of matter and spirit, and the convergence of earthly and spiritual responsibilities. The two symbols together form a hexagram, the union of earth with the heavens, matter and mind, etc.

(By way of clarification, not all Freemasons are aware of this pedophile activity, any more than all cops are. Remember, the Illuminati comprises the highest eschelon of world power and the Illuminati are extremely, extremely secretive. The lower ranks of Freemasons are good, caring people. This criminal activity is kept completely hidden from them by the highest ranking Freemasons just as the highest ranks in law enforcement keep it hidden from lower ranking law enforcement).

The Hexagram
One of the most powerful symbols used by occultists to cast spells and used in the occult. Not to be confused from the star of David which has no circle around it.

The Pentagram
Also used in rituals for evoking demons. Represents gratification, freedom, and rejection of the Nazarene.

The Thaumaturgic Triangle
This triangle is sometimes seen with a circle around it. It is used in rituals to evoke demons. It’s also called the “Gay Triangle” used to represent homosexuality, as the Illuminati are primarily homosexual.

Black Mass
Indicates where a Black Mass is being held.

Blood Ritual
Directs participants to location of possible blood ritual.

Left Hand Path
Indicates possible location of a coven, sect, grotto, or temple of a Satanic of Pagan worship.The Left Hand Path becomes important in a future blog about the right shoes left behind at abduction scenes.

Sexual Rituals
Directs participants to location of possible sexual ritual.

Pedophile Ring Brand
Johnny Gosch escaped this pedophile ring and reported the children in this ring (primarily boys as the Illuminati are largely homosexual) are branded like cattle with this symbol to identify them as belonging to the pedophile ring.

More about symbolism…

As a rule, satanists typically adopt Christian symbols, then invert them in some manner so as to make a mockery of God and Christianity, or the “right hand path”. The photo at left of an inverted cross is one such example and was found at a ritual site in Ireland, where 2 human sacrifices occurred.
So obsessed are the Illuminists with this symbolism, they’ve incorporated it throughout Washington D.C.

Their Sun Worship
Many of these ancient mystic religions worshiped sun gods and goddesses, the primary one being the Kemetic(Egypt) god, Amen-Rah. (Which is why all your prayers end with “Amen”)
Amen-Rah was also a fertility god and he was believed to reside in the obelisk – which is why you find obelisks like the Washington Monument all over the world.
The day of worshiping these sun gods/goddesses was called Sunday. Since many of these abducted children are snatched for the purpose of ritual sacrice, it’s not surprising then that many of these abductions occur on Sundays.

Just as the Illuminati are obsessed with symbolism, so are they with numerology. They commit the atrocities they commit “by their numbers”.

The relevant Illuminati numbers that continually crop up in these abductions are:
3, 7, 11, 13 and multiples of them.

3: Ambition and the dislike of being held to a subordinate position or role.

7: Represents complete dominion and Satan himself.

11: The essence of all that is sinful and harmful.

13: “Death of the established order, and the beginning of a new age.” (New World Order)

These numbers and their multiples will show up in the ages of the victims that are abducted, in their birthdates, on their clothing, on the date they’re abducted etc. They will also show up on dates significant events attached to the case happen. This will be illustrated in the cases that follow.

16 thoughts on “Symbols,Numerology and Sex Rituals

  1. Outstanding!
    I shall reblog this if it’s ok with you?
    I knew you’d be the right person for this research. Since I don’t follow todays music, I listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, etc…i’m lost on Beyonce and Jay_z.

    What demons they are!

    • That’s fine,I don’t mind. Glad I could help. Yes today’s music has gone down the toilet. It’s all about violence death,sex,drugs and calling each other niggas and bitches. Totally destroying the minds of the youth today. I’m a big Sam Cooke fan. He had an amazing voice. My dad had a lot of his music.It’s sad what happened to him. I have to go to work right now. I’ll be back later and give you the scoop.

      • You’re right. I also heard Jimi Hendrix wanted to work with the Black Panthers and Civil Right movement as well. I also heard Sam wanted to own his master recordings. Check out a site called The brother is a Hebrew Israelite. You don’t have to agree with his religious beliefs. But his information is very valuable.He turned down three record deals when he heard about the satanic things they do. His site has some great dvd’s. I think you’ll find it very interesting.

  2. so basically I feel like you’re telling me I’m screwed because I was born on 3-11. I have a hard time believing that because my god is loving in kind.

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