4 thoughts on “White Supremacy and the Police State

  1. Prince;
    There will come a time in the near future when whites will have no choice but to wake up and see that blacks are the scapegoats while supremacists kill them in their own backyard.

    • Yes they do seem to love passing blame. They want to blame blacks,Mexicans,Arabs and Puerto ricans for all the problems in this country. We’re here to be their scapegoats. If they want to see the real problem—they should look in the mirror.

      • When the new world order comes…which will be sooner than we realize, who will they blame? Obama? Obama will win again in November but after that a Republican, who is the same as a democrat, will take his place.

  2. I think he’ll be re-elected too. But the blame game never stops. When this system crashes(and it will) it’ll be all about survival. It will be total chaos for those unprepared. This system can no longer keep the illusion going. People are starting to wake up and they’re getting angry now that they know they’ve been lied to.

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