The Beauty of Black Women(Part 1)

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about a so-called gender war between black men and women. I think most of it is a lot of hype. We do have our problems and we have a lot of work to do. We have to repair the damaged families from years of slavery. It’s not easy to heal a community living under a system of white supremacy. They take enjoyment seeing us hurt,abuse and name call each other. That’s why the media always has television shows and films showing black men and women fighting each other. It’s the reason interracial couples are shown so much in the media. The black family is under serious attack right now. The answer to white supremacy is Black Love. We need to uplift one another and learn to trust again. Don’t let the media tell you that the black man/woman is your enemy.

There are a lot of attractive women in the world. But black women are the best in every way. White women go out and try to get tans,lip injections and butt-lifts to get what black women have naturally. Why would I go for an imitation black woman when I can have the real thing? Angelina Jolie? Jennifer Lopez? Kim Kardashian? Not even close to the essence of a black woman. Nothing but cheap imitations. We as black men need to make black women aware that they are the natural soul mate for us. I’m comfortable in my own skin,so when I see a black womam I see a reflection of myself. Hair texture doesn’t matter to me. Long,short,natural,locks or braids. Complexion has never been an issue for me. Although I’m dark skinned myself,I’ve never really had a preference. Dark skinned,Light skinned,light brown,dark brown,cinnamon complexion—it doesn’t matter. I’ve never been a colorstruck guy. I think it’s time that black women know that no matter what the media throws at us—they are the standard of beauty. At least for us they are and always will be. I’ll leave you with a poem by Tony Conscious. He sums it up quite well.

From the sands of EGYPT you rose
Coffee and carmel coated
From your head to your toes
Made of mud with perfect curvatures
No need for clothes
Naturally strong hair
Full lips and nose

The CREATOR made you for a reason
And you were made FIRST
As a guardian of this planet
To watch over the Universe
To be in touch with nature
To, at times, exercise your wrath
Lying your head in Ethiopia
While in the Nile, taking a bath

It is you and only your power
Plus strength alone
That can bring order to this planet
And make a many atone

So stand up BLACK WOMAN
Shake the shackles from your mind
Wash the process from your hair
For, that’s not what makes you fine
You need not powder your face
Nor place fake nails upon your hands
There’s no need to dress in skimpy outfits
For, that pleases not , the TRUE BLACK MAN


Dance those dances, chant those chants
Let your eyes fill with that gleam
Bring justice to your Ancestors souls
Who fought so hard against the so-called “AMERICAN DREAM”
And together me and you, side by side
Shall put an end to all the chaos and start winning
By re-aligning ourselves with nature and the animals
Just as we were in the very beginning…


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Black Women(Part 1)

  1. Thank you for this post and dedication to Black women, brother. I’ve always said that there is nothing more powerful than the love of the Black woman. Wife, mother, grandmother, aunt… It’s powerful! Beautiful!

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