4 thoughts on “Why are so many Black Actors in Dresses?

  1. Dustin Hoffman had to wear a dress. Gene Hackman had to wear a dress. They made Guy Pierce wear a dress in that “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” movie. Jamie Farr had to wear one on M.A.S.H. Johnny Depp had to wear one. They made Adam Sandler play a woman in a movie and wear a dress too. Liev Schreiber wore a dress. Tom Hanks had to just to get on T.V. John Travolta had to wear a dress and he’s already famous. They made Robin Williams wear a dress. Milton Berle? I didn’t know they’re all Black.

    • No they’re not black of course.lol But Hollyweird has WAY too many black actors dressing in drag for me. This society is becoming more and more pro-gay. And they’re pushing homosexuality,lesbianism and transgender down our throats to make it seem more “normal”. Maybe you are, but I’m not cool with that agenda.

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