White Celebs adopting(saving)Black babies

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Tom Cruise,Steven Spielberg,Mia Farrow,Madonna,Charlize Theron,Mariska Hargitay and Angelina Jolie have all done it. What is that you ask? They have all adopted black children. Awwwww…..isn’t that sweet. Don’t get me wrong,I want black children to have a healthy and happy home.  But I have a very uneasy feeling about all these white celebrities adopted black and African babies. I think that black children have it bad enough growing up under white supremacy. Too many of our black youth are white-identified as it is. Now we have white people raising our children. In the film Blind Side,Sandra Bullock let a teenage black boy join her family. I guess she was so moved during the film,she went out and get herself a real black person. I’m just being silly(sort of). To be honest white people do alot of weird stuff black folks just don’t do. For one,I only see white people kissing their dogs in the mouth.YUCK!  Our sense of humor is different. I’ve worked with white guys that get a kick out of mooning people in public. And they brag about having sex in public as well. I once had a meeting at my job. And this white co-worker of mine passed gas very loudly! He just laughed like it wasn’t a big deal. As a matter of fact the other white guys laughed too. I was disgusted to say the least. Only white people do this sick stuff.

My point is we are very different people. Black children raised by whites will have a very different mentality when it comes to race relations. And I think that’s what whites want. They want to brainwash our children while they’re young.And I think these white celebs are starting a trend. Even gay white couples are adopting black babies now. Which I’m totally against. I don’t care if it’s politically correct or not. I think it will damage the minds of black children so bad it would be beyond repair. This culture is pro-homosexual/interrracial/transgender etc.  I can’t stand Ellen Degenerate,Rosie O’Donnell or Elton John. This whole homosexual agenda makes my skin crawl. Frankly,I don’t trust whites with our children. There’s a lot of Sandusky types running around. It’s time for us to take a stand! Black people need to adopt our own children nowadays. We need to instill black pride into our kids.Whites want us to think they’ve changed. Yeah right. I’m not buying it.White celebrities  are adopting black children like they’re pets. Whites see themselves as saviors. That KONY 2012 scam was a perfect example. White people have some serious delusions about themselves.So anytime there’s a tragedy like in Haiti or war torn areas in Africa–white folks come a running to save the poor little darkies. Like Bono and George Clooney always visiting Africa.Don’t fall for it. When have Europeans ever “helped” black people anytime in history. I know their track record. They will do anything to keep white supremacy firmly in place.Their mentality hasn’t changed–only their tactics.

8 thoughts on “White Celebs adopting(saving)Black babies

  1. Hmmm….

    Good observation, your Highness. I’ve always wondered why whites feel the need to interject themselves into all aspects of black life. This too makes me uneasy. Black children have it hard enough as it is but with a white parent, who will teach them racial pride? And moreover, does the white parent WANT TO?

    Whites suffer from White Man’s Burden Syndrome. This is obvious in their need to “help” us learn that we are savages and to “save” us from that savagery. My first guess is ego. My second guess is publicity. My third guess is having an advantage over other well meaning whites. My fourth? Love.

    Why does love come last? Because I learned whenever whites do something, it must benefit them in some way.

    Excellent post.

    • Thank a lot Queen. You have the honor of being the first person to comment on my blog.lol Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t agree more. White people always want to come “save” us. They also suffer from “White Savior Syndrome” as well. We can fend for ourselves. We don’t need their help. Who wants their former slave masters,raising their children? You don’t see Jews adopting German babies do you?lol

  2. True, black people have a different culture it’s not even just skin color…a lot of these ppl see blacks as inferior that’s why they feel it’s ok to adopt children from other countries to westernize and whitewash them.
    Another reason they do is because it’s faster and cheaper, like I told u before Madonna stole her child from the mom who was chasing her with some other women while Madonna was just smiling like she didn’t care. I think Madonna is heartless, how could u steal someones child? I’m tired of seeing pics of white celebrities helping black children, then what? They go back to their homes and give back to the system that opresses these african children in the first place…it’s even a marketing thing now. The same ppl who are oppressing africa our shown as their saviours at the same time? Hmmm.

    And my mom was watching Anderson Cooper, there was a whole section of the show about Dogs, they were talking about the dogs as if they’re human (honestly). I love my dogs but damn! Maybe it has to do with their similarities, both whites and dogs have naturally frizzy hair (ww straighten their hair), green or blue eyes, yellow or red hair and pale skin…both can turn into madmen for no. Reason. At. All. Both are thieves (British stole Nigerian art that they used to make fun of)

    • Madonna is the worse! That old witch has NO soul! They think they are doing African babies a favor by adopting them. It’s all to serve their own ego. And yes they love their dogs don’t they?lol They definitely treat dogs better than they do black people that’s for sure. It really is sick in my opinion.
      I checked out your Tumblr page. I really like it! You have some great African-centered pics. Beautiful page!

      • Lol the tumblr is not mine…it’s just something that helped me see how we have Eurocentric beauty standards…
        The thing is I saw that video when I was young and was trying to live in a colorblind world so I ignored it, now I see it for what it is.
        Whites love dogs more than humans, at least they treat dogs better. They act as if these dogs have humans emotions etc. it’s weird. Ppl are dying or don’t have clothes, yet they’re buying their chihuahuas sweaters.
        I love your blog, btw!

      • Oops! My bad! Thought that was yours.lol It’s a good site though. Glad you like my blog. I’ve had it for two years. I’m still perfecting it though. You should create a blog,it’s a good way of expressing your ideas and opinions. You see to have a lot to say. I agree they LOVE their dogs much more than people. Their track record proves it. I like animals too–but not more than my people. They take it to the extreme.lol

      • Loool! Yeah, I have tendency to write a lot, but I don’t think I could be a consistent writer and get nervous when sharing my own opinions…I think you and Negress have a lot of courage, and I applaud that cuz if it wasnt for Ppl like you black ppl like me would be lost. Not knowing if what they see is true, until i was validate by other bo seeing the same thing. I’ve read you blog before though, I think it was the one on black male athletes. I loved that one cuz it was so so true, they don’t like seeing confident BM or women. They get upset when they see you prefer your own and take pride in your heritage and abilities.
        Like I told u at my school when the Africans were getting 99% of the awards, you could see the Russians (WP in my school) faces dropping, they were so angry! Lol!

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