Frances Cress Welsing is a true master teacher. One of our best! A very strong sista I admire.

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A Review of Dr. Francess Cress-Welsing’s Theory of Racism



(written 2012)

Just to be clear, I have tremendous respect for Dr.. Welsing, her dedication, her unrelenting defense of people of Afrikan descent, and her courage in speaking out against what she calls racism/white supremacy. However, I hold the opinion that her theory does not adequately explain the causal elements of the destruction of Afrikans by our enemies. Therefore, I offer this analysis in the spirit of advancing the knowledge in this regard. Perhaps this effort will spur us more directly towards an effective solution to the continuing atrocities imposed upon us by our oppressors.

My review focuses on three very central positions upon which her theory rests.

1. On pages 124, 128 of her book, the Isis Papers, she says that “white supremacy (racism) began with the production of the first albino mutants from Black mothers…

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